Ill leave this here

ill leave this here

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Wow this actually works.

do them dirty


is this a fucking picture for ants? I'm hurting my neck and eyes trying to read those numbers.

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so far I've got
5375 7296 6767 1257
Samantha _bbe

06/24 719

My eyesight isn't that great, someone help me out.


Can someone send me 3$?

For easy copy pasting, anons

5375 7298 9787 1257

Samantha Tibbe

06/24 719


Could you send me 3$?

how do u want em

really want to buy something on steam but I'm like 90% sure it'll black mark my account if the payments get disputed ... now I have to think of something else to buy.

Heyy...he was behind of this...

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Someone suggest me something to buy, I'm actually struggling to think

What is this crap?


found her phone number anyone wants it?

spambot, ignore it

can anyone confirm if it's still working?

Who is she? And yes

Yes it is

but what kind of food should I buy? Now that I finally have money to spend I'm actually at a loss at what to spend it on.

some italian woman by the looks of it, facebook sais she's a politician

Dont ever change b

Yes, he was also behind your mother

Pizza, something that keeps so you can eat it later too

We have an italian politicians credit card?

Sei italiano OP?

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Spend! Spend! Spend!

You’re retarded if you use this card after it being posted. At this point, any further purchases are gonna be flagged, and now you’re risking identity fraud for a McChicken

Just got a message that there's a 6 figure SMS confirmation security code on a purchase. FUCK.

When it's too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true anons. As much as I'd like to get RDR2 with the free game bonus... Not worth the risk for a couple of games.

Listen Sup Forumsro, I'm hungry and this could be something to help ease up my spending. Just a little bit ...

is this still happening?

I've only tried to buy one thing so far so it happened on the first one.

Just make a throwaway account, buy gifts codes and crap, and if it doesn't get disputed/traced then you're free to put it in your actual account, y'know

Just don't buy anything that you'll have to mail home or some shit

buy 50 copies of fallout 76 so that bethesda has to deal with the chargebacks

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still working?

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someone prank call her


Its denied in brazil lol tried to pay something online

I got to that point too and then realised I don't want risk going to prison just for a free copy of a 20 euro game.

Now its flagged

nice fake

Can confirm i live in bumfuck south America and tried to buy shit online but got denied

Sup Forums pass order failed

Why don't we find scam credit card sites and then drop this card there? Since it doesn't work with the 6 figure sms anyways. Give the scammers something to fuck around with.

someone posted her phone number.. someone can clone the phone?

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if she is italian, +39 is the country code

she most likely is, the security 6 figure sms thing was in italian when it popped up.

doesn't work, used a burner account on Amazon. no luck. tbh I went way to hard with purchases but, eh either go big or go home

hmm not so sure. I got eur, is that Italian currency?