Do you still own VHS tapes?

Do you still own VHS tapes?

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Only the one that makes you die in 7 days if you watch it. I keep it around in case of emergencies.

Samara wants to know your location

I have this laying around somewhere.

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I got a few and plenty of older and nostalgic stuff.

Just the ones I made with your mom

Akira, Vampire Hunter D, epic snowboarding video

like around 400


The only people who say yes will be neckbeards who still live with their parents

Why? Do you ever watch them? vhs quality is so terrible.

The only tapes I own are the original versions of Star Wars IV, V, and VI.

No. I was late for dinner at Dorsia because I had to return them.

A couple. Cant find a vcr and I'd rather not order online

Bunch of season 1 pokemon

If you turn off all the auto settings and do manual fine tuning, the recording quality was not bad at all.

Watched several 80s horror flicks on tape last night, shit is nice.

Fuck I've still got the broken condom my dad used the night i was conceived.


Some old manga vids, 4x4 eyes, fist of the north star and American gigolo

Inside Lydia's Ass?