Gonna kill myself tomorrow. dubs decides how i do it. guns are off the table since i cant easily get one

gonna kill myself tomorrow. dubs decides how i do it. guns are off the table since i cant easily get one.

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Drink so much cum until asphyxiate.

Eat your vegetables until you feel better.

Take some vitamin D and get some sunshine on your face.

Hang yourself in a church

U have sex until exhaustion

Huge a loved one.

Take a walk and come to the revelation that your life is not worth ending and how you'll get over whatever rut you may be going through

Go for a walk.

Slit your wrists, cover your toes in the blood, and whilst you bleed out, suck the blood off your toes whilst having a giant butt plug in your ass

Watch your favorite movie.

Go to the gym and make yourself a better person, become more social and enjoy those around you because you are valued

Do your favorite hobby.

try a bunch of new things before you go through with it maybe you might want to stay

Please dont, you're cared for.

>i cant easily get one

thanks for making the world a better place then libtard

Well, OP, which will it be?

Dunno if attention bait or not, but go exercise, drink plenty of water, lift heavy weights, eat some healthy shit, stop stressing over stupid shit, get at least a walk a day and last bot not least, if you need brain chemistry fixing, consult a mental health physician. I was like you. Now I feel invincible. Tried suicide. Then drugs and alcohol and bad friends. Then I tried all things above and things turned out for the better.

idk livestream it on fb and link it here ok ?

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Climb a big mountain! The journey will bring you happiness and maybe you will find a new meaning for life... If not, just jump from the summit or whatever

Douse self in gasoline, set on fire, in front of a school

Changes mind and gets killed by drunk driver in 10 years.

nice trips

overdosing in the gym it is

bye guys, id say its been fun but it hasnt


do a backflip but land so you break your neck

First actual method here. Almost by far one of the most horrifically painful, agonizing, slow ways you could do it. Here you go OP.

lmao su fagit

Quit procrastinating, faggot.
No wonder you're a faggot.

don't give a shit how you do it, just live stream it or you're a fag.

Adios, OP

Dubs confirming dubs