Alright Sup Forums I have two ball pythons I can no longer care for, no centers around me will take them...

Alright Sup Forums I have two ball pythons I can no longer care for, no centers around me will take them. How do I humanely kill them?

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maybe yeah lol, thought about that

mail them to me

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sell them or put the up on a facebook pet group for your city no need to kill them when someone else could happily take them and maybe pay you,

post on craigslist you'll get tons of dudes who want to ball your python and you'll probably be able to give the snakes away

Stomp stomp stomp stomp

put your dick in them, thats a pretty humane way to go

How do you take care of something like that and then decide fuck it I am just going to murder them because I can not take care of them anymore. Give them away to somone who will actually take care of them.

You have the internet and you went to Sup Forums for advice? Are you retarded?

Release them into the wild at night so no one sees you problem solved

What kinds of things are involved with caring for snakes, is it difficult?

Always kind of figured leave them out in the garden in the day, put them in the cage at night, they'll take care of themselves.

drive next to a kindergarden and yeet them onto the playground full of kids. Sit back in your toyota and enjoy the show.

>leave them out in the garden in the day
Only if you live in the African rainforest. They're kept in a terrarium all day, unless you want to hold them/pet them/whatever

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Put in a box, mail to government office of your choice.

Don't be a piece of shit and find a home for the you degenerate loser.

Insects are killed humanly with a freezer. At least it's what they do to silkworms to please the vegans.
I guess it should make sleep then kill a cold blooded animal.

as previously stated, you should make an effort to sell them online, either through craigslist or a facebook pet group. please give them another chance at life.

imagine being this much of a pathetic entitled prick that you get a pet and kill it when you cant be bothered to find a new owner for it when you give up on it

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freezing is not humane, it used to be recommended for terminally sick fish and reptiles, but there were tests that showed signs of distress in slow freezing fish.

battering their heads may be unpleasant, but its almost instantaneous death.

or OP could not be a massive fag and look after them properly. they eat fuck all, so its not like it'll cost a lot to feed them.