Hey guys, kik me at Tma339 with snapchat of girls you want to see nudes of .. im extremely adept at getting them...

Hey guys, kik me at Tma339 with snapchat of girls you want to see nudes of .. im extremely adept at getting them ... some of my significant wins have been getting nudes from my aunt, 3 of my neighbors, my college professor, a teachers aid from a different class, and getting them from 2 of my cousins.. also last time i did this i was able to get a girl with a boyfriend to drive 3 states over and stay at my house for the weekend.

my preference is older woman but as long as theyre hot i dont care i have roughly a 60% success rate once i get added .. last time i did this it lowered it a bit but i did decent

pic related, My aunt

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only rule is 18+ years old


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More of your aunt pls

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last i have of her

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my other neighbor

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Does she know it was you talking to her?

my cousin.. daughter of the aunt i posted

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no i was getting ready to let her know but then she blocked me on snapchat

She thicc

yeah shes hot ...she knows its me.. shes let me fuck her alot lol this is when she was at her best .. i think shes been blowing coke in college and really slimmed down

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my other cousin .. other side of the family

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Post their nudes

How does she look like now then?

I can definitely guess the part of the country you live in, OP.


Hot husband

Hot gay husband

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My wife suck your cock then you fuck me.

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Mmm, hello mommy!!!

Aunts anap?
Let's see if we can get more.

More of this

damn how big are those puppies?

What is your strategy? Or are you just extremely hot?

id say im moderately attractive and in good shape but you just cant ask right away.. pretend youre trying to get to know them and you care what theyre saying then start flirting hard after like 2 days it helps if you have a huge cock

Makes sense. Thanks.

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need more

if you send add info like where theyre from / what college they attend

keep em coming


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lol no

Just called dude wants someone to fuck his wife