CUCK Thread!

CUCK Thread!

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22m cuck, been fantasizing about a bull fucking my girlfriend since i was sixteen years old.

My recent ex and I were together for about a year and a half, but last year while we were still together, she said we should go on a break, we had a very dead bedroom, and I reluctantly agreed, I didn't go after anyone else, and nothing really changed, we were still living together, spending as much time together as we were before, except she was talking a lot about her coworker. It was kind of obvious that they were having a thing, she was talking about them shopping together going to the gym together and him teaching her to play the drums.They eventually stopped when he got a girlfriend, she was quite upset because it was out of the blue and my girlfriend had to stop fucking him. She later admitted that yes they have been fucking, but I didn't really get the details. We stayed together a few months after that. I have jerked off fantasizing about it a lot.

Message tentaclebelly if interested.

Share those pics you promised you wouldn't

Kik name?

kik tppd6321
trade for your ex/sis/gf/wife

29 yo Bull
Kik: trapraul
Send all your whores to know how they deserve to be treated

ill tribute your OC. kik ihatecows74

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this. Bulls PLEASE share all of your wins

Richard Tugger

22 meters?

How is that cucking the other guy is not black?

Bumping for bitches

What can I get you?

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Are.... are you serious? Urban dictionary man.

Great tits. Keep going

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Doesn’t fuck me much anymore.
Maybe she needs a new, big, hard cock.

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Bull that has 5 days of cum stored up

Kik me @ ryanNfire for me to blast it on your girl

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Ass plz also how long have you been married?

My wife
her wedding ring
Not my dick

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whites cuck other whites all the time

Strip her a bit

We're looking for a bull in quebec if any1 is interested

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Over ten years.

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Any hc?

Keep going user

Sad she doesn't fuck you anymore ever try dominating her more?

That's fucking retarded it needs to be a black guy it's way better


Anything specific you wanna see ?

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yeah i am that's just white people on default settings
>urban dictionary
im not a redditor

Creampie and who it's from

ahahahahah good luck, no one will fuck that roast. fuck quebec and eastern canada as a whole

Also more panties like this


She does, just not often enough. I tried that one time and she got weird about it. Then it was, “fine. Let’s have sex.” But it was clear she had little interest.

Gross tweakers Pnping

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M means male in this context

Mainly her boss, but a few strangers too

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I don't know I would suggest just trying to change things up a bit.

Great picture where dose she fuck at?

What is the point in getting cucked if the guy cucking you isn't black?


22 meters tall cuck

Love the cum running down her cheeks

Any requests?

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husband just wants to see someone else suffer like he did


Good advice. I’ve been trying. When you get in your 40s it gets tougher unfortunately.

Kik vikkybrezhen2904 with pics/vids

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Also her hairy pussy is nice

Sadly none

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At the guy place
Work place
Hotel room

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Nice photoshop

That's true I would try taking her on a trip or put for dinner something to break up the routine.

Love these pictures how did it start?

Anyone like?

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it's another r/mentalconditions thread

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Tits and face! Or cum on face!

29m here connect with a young 25f married girl. Trying to spice things up so they open the relationship. Fuck and use the shit out of the wife that she contacts me all the time.
Get bored and lost touch. Later I find out they got divorced. Cuck husband couldn't take it

29 meters with a 25 feet tall girl?

Your a fan?

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She always was into DP and gangbang stuff, but never went on with it.

3 years ago, we broke up but continued to fuck.
One day I was at work (work is at 5 minute from home) and she texted me something along the line:
"This guy I talk to got me exited, so you either come to fuck me, or I'm going to see him"

So I came back home, fucked her.
Once done I told her:
"I dont care if you go fuck the other guy, just get me a few pic"

The other guy too the pic, but "white knighted" lol

After 6 months of break, we came back together. She been unfaithfull since.

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She looks tight I would fuck her

CANADIAN HUNG BULL HERE. send me vids of your girls. Kik me for a good time.

Kik: MapleBull

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Love that puffy pussy too how old?


How old do you think ?

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Wwyd to her?

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Absolutely! Age?

pick one cuck

And who are you ? loll



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just your average joe who the hell are you?


Drop yours. I have vids

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I love the tongue maid for cum

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Keep going. She's hot af

Wife is having her first taste of a cock other than mine this weekend! He has a huge cock about 8.5” compared to my 5 incher. Any suggestions anons for the encounter to go smoothly? I’ll be just watching.

So you talked to a girl and then she ghosted you? That's your story? Why would anyone care?

Cucks wife - fresh pic

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Age is 21 is referring to her

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alright incoming


anyone let their wife or gf get pregnant by the bull?


yes do it it's hella fun


More? Thick..