What do boobs feel like?

What do boobs feel like?

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like water balloons but better

bags of sand

Also they don't pop if you squeeze them.

A bag of sand

Soft fleshy bags, firm or squishy depending on the girl. The best is feeling their nipples get hard as you suck on them.

pretty fuckin nice

Just grab your own

i dont weigh 350 pounds

they was something like this

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i didn't really get anything out of sucking them (the tit's on question btw)

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Heaven if big
Meh if small
Shit if fake

Bag of sand

very soft you can feel the boob wobble the moment you touch them even if you can't see much of a wobble, it doesn't take much of a squeeze to fully compress a boob. id say that a boob is like soft rubber ball but with a big outer layer of oil all inside a flesh sack

the feeling of a boob in your eye is amazing id enjoy it even if I was gay


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Basically, fat.

bags of sand

some tits feel amazing, soft but firm, just the most wonderful thing you could ever fee. Others are stuff and feel kinda weird, while some are too soft and basically just feel like sacs of water and are totally gross.

Pennies and salty milk

Balloon filled with sand


It's like having balls on your chest, and it's fucking annoying walking down stairs and jumping.