You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an American

You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than an American.

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oh who's joe?

A non-American who obsesses over America


someone who posts about how dumb americans are

an african american

2 Americans


Your mother

your cunt mother

A Canadian.

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>Lumping two whole continents into (assumed) anti USA post, because the USA taught the world that the rest of the countries on its side of the pond are just an afterthought.

I'll go: party loyalists; doesn't matter what party. Politicians are disposable tools of the people; there is no such thing as a politician. What's your favorite Tyrant, OP? At the moment mine's Vladimir Putin, because of all the work he's done in setting up the collapse of the UN and all other things United. Unity is a waste.

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How about you just post some sauce

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ok boomer

you're mom

Someone from Alabama

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All the faggots who like soccer

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Anyone so obsessed with Americans that they need to start threads saying how much they hate them.

so...the whole world?

The country that elected this man

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you op

a foreigner

Double trips of Truth.