Stroking and edging to her before bed - love knowing when others are stroking to her too - non nude only and not...

Stroking and edging to her before bed - love knowing when others are stroking to her too - non nude only and not posting face, sorry

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Instead of going to bed you should kys instead cringefag

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What galaxy is this ham planet located?

i think that was Dominican Republic

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Boats in the background are waiting to harvest her blubber

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Imagine the massive shits this ogre must drop

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I just ate chili dude pls don’t make me throw that up

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I can smell her fat burning in the sun from here

Could use that bikini bottom as a tarp for my wood pipe

Gonna edge 5 times to her every time you comment, so if you don't like her, stop commenting otherwise you'll just be encouraging me to keep jerking off to her

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When your stepdad molested you when you were younger, did you secretly enjoy his three fingers inside your anus?

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Like a bloated possum dead on the side of the road

I'd cuck you, yeah I'd cuck you real hard

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You should take her for a walk instead of going to sleep. She needs to drop some lbs

Here we see two similar objects side by side many edges!! Stroking so hard to her!

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But why? Bitch ugly and fat af my nigga real talk

she makes me so hard!

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Hipster posing wit her food

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Why? Why was this picture even taken?

Not going to lie, would dick her straight down

so i could jerk off to it later! thanks for the extra edges!! stroking so hard to her!

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And you dipshits are mad at Boomers.....shake my head

Gave me the giggles man

fuck i thought this was about to expire

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I wish your life would expire so I wouldn’t have to see this fat slut

So when will you start posting the face pics pretending its somebody else? You do it every day

I was so close to cumming then you bumped this thread!

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it's not me that posts the face ones, i only post the ones with her face covered

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If you like her then thats all that matters!that being said i would love to dp her with a vibe in that big ass

that is absolutely amazing! I love it! She's never done anything like that before. she would be so wet

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why do you do this every time i post her? please stop

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you should stop starting these treads fag

okay you've had your fun

Why dont you try it on her?just get her good and ready lube it up and slide it in.they go crazy for it

it definitely sounds worth trying out

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Oh look this fucking idiot again.

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seriously stop posting her face! If you don't like the thread you're just keeping it up here longer by bumping it

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Nudes and we'll stop.

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not happening and please (!!!!!) take this down!!!


Oh look another

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dude no one thinks its funny, just stop posting her face and let the thread die