Celeb thread. Fakes encouraged edition

Celeb thread. Fakes encouraged edition.

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Would love to fuck her.

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Fuck yes this stuff is so fun

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This thread is more fun though.

Yes please

I know it's cheezy, but this is my favorite fake. Does anyone know the source of the original vid?

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Anyone have good fakes of Demi?

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More like this


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Whelp here's where I lose my no nut November

Keep edging bro I know you can do it!

But Brie...

She has nude


Don't do it...

mmm mmm mmm FUK

looking for one specific pic of selena gomez juxtaposed with a dick dripping of cum

She sure is pretty, isn't she?

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More prefer this kind of thing rather than

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Nevermind, I thought that was Ivanka.

Here is another one I made. Love Saoirse.

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I go bed

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This is fucking hot. Fakes have come so far since the early days

Thanks! This one looks more impressive than it is. I really don't have that much skill with photo editing.

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>fakes encouraged edition
what kind of niggerdom is this?

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Hot as fuck

Would pump a baby into both of them

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Good taste user. They need to be knocked up.

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she has a cute smol cock, ngl

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Is she fucking Art Garfunkel?

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These are too good, wow

This one always cracks me up

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She looks like the understated cutie on your college campus that you would like to talk to and date.

Somehow she looks like the puppets on Crank Yankees lmao

Except she's like 40

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No way? Is she?! I didn't know. She looks great. Post more.

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Hindensperg! How are the Thanksgiving plans coming? Are they going to let you sit at the grown-ups table this year? Remember, you have to eat some real food before you can have pie
She turned 32 last month

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lol you're so lame

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nut nut nut
but only if allowed

So they're NOT letting you sit at the grown-ups table?

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na they're worried I'll try and fuck the turkey again

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Geez first the pumpkins and now this, there's going to be nothing left to eat at all!

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bitches love my pumpkin seed

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what is going on here

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>what is going on here
Burn some sage, cleanse yourself of this evil

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if those 2 witches perform said ceremony

As y-y-y-you can s-s-s-s-s-see I-I have what m-m-m-most men c-can only d-d-d-dream of...

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Who is that?

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"well, it isn't going to eat itself?!"

Where are the JJ fakes ?