How about another loli thread?

How about another loli thread?

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They're so eager to grow up.

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No, I think we've had enough of your loli threads.


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Too bad fucker

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All lolis should learn how to suck cock.

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There's something so good about their little fingers wrapped around an adult cock...

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A good loli needs to learn both.

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post loli discord

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They should teach it in elementary school.

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Let say you've been a bad girl, let's say hypothetically, you've been a naughty girl even, ok, and so if you were a naughty girl you would also be my dirty little slut rigth? Then hypothetically speaking you will be my little cum slut, now let's say you are also mommy's girl
Now that we establish that you are mommy's girl, then I believe you deserve a spanking. Am I not correct? A bad girl deserves spanking and as I'm mommy, you are my girl. So I am the one who must provide punishment

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Pick a flower and it dies. Wait for the plant to bear fruit or seeds. That said flowers are beautiful and smell good.

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Tomboys are gods gift to mankind.

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Fucking definitely. Cocksucking classes for everyone.

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Cunny isn't like picking a flower. If you are gentle and loving, innocence is preserved. Innocence and purity are states of mind, not a state of hymen.

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Grades based on how quick they can make someone cum?

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Little lolis definitely need to learn how to take and handle cock.

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I would think quality would also have to come into play.

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Wickr shinobudonut

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sup bro have a loli

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Are you forsen, or Christian bale?

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Good point. A nice long loving blowjob means so much more than just a quickie. What else could we grade them on?

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Start 'em young

>tfw you will never have a hot loli milking your cock

where's this from?

God i just want to suck a pedo's cock while he talks about his urges and fantasies...

got wickr?

sb on pixiv

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Just wanna drop to your knees and worship a nice fat pedocock while he talks about the stuff he would do to cute little girls?

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yes, god fuck yes...

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Nothing illegal about some chat.

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Not the person you were talking to but what is it?