Breeding Thread

Breeding Thread
Preggos, broodmothers, milkers, creampies, over-fertile sluts and reproductive race traitors. Rev up those baby factories.

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Successfully bred this one on 3 separate ocassions...

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if you don't like this you're a gandy dancer

Notice the wrist tat

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Definitely black babymaking material

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Horrible tits

How about these?

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Found a win on Omegle; matched on 5 tags related or semi-related to this shit. After a lot of flirting and back and forth, she wanted me to meet up and I told her I'd like to, but I was in a relationship already, and she got sad. We disconnected after that. #feelsbadman

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My ultimate fantasy is to be pregnant. Even with all the horror stories....sickness, hemorrhoids, disgusting food cravings.

I don’t care. I just want a baby.

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Are you male?


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bun in the oven, coming up

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>When your wife who was all about having a career starts asking you to nut in her raw.

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She wants to be a career breeder

Haha yeah I told her she could get pregnant and she said "If it happens it happens." She's really passive aggressive at times so I think she's changed her mind about a career but doesn't want to admit it haha.

If you wanna know how I would breed your girl hit me up on kik: ThotRancher94

25yo Bull.

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Fucked a pregnant gal once. Towards the end she kept begging me to give her unborn daughter her first facial.

Pregnant gals are fucking freaks.

>Pregnant gals are fucking freaks.
My wife was all "Don't even fucking touch me" during her first trimester, then a switch flipped and she became utterly insatiable. She single handedly gave me a preggo fetish.

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Anyone know of any videos that show them getting knocked up then shows a video of them pregnant later?

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Kik ThrowAway9800 and tell me what you'd do to my pregnant gf

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Mixed baby feeders

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Who is this fuck?

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More pregnant Princess Dust


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Big milkers

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Put em to good use

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White owned.

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Preggo wife. Wwyd

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She could do with a couple of kids in her. Wife/gf?

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Coworker, she's had one I do believe

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>and then he kicked her out and she became a homeless single mother.