>fucked her ass
>spit on her asshole
>sniffed her farts
>made out with her cousin minutes after sucking her butthole

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>Thar she blows!
>The great White Whale!

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I would literally bury my face inbetween her asscheeks and eat her entire asshole

She's cute. Looks like a absolutely fun lay.

That is exactly why i did as many things as i could think of with her big fat ass

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tons of fun

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keep dumping. also got any clothed normal pics?

You were once , twice, three times a man.

But that sniffing farts thing beats you back down into faggotville.


No unfortunately not. This is about the closest i think

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fatties are the best. They will do everything, and absolutely devour your cock.
Any with cum on her?

Wtf???? You’re not a fucking white person. You are disowned. You’re now an albino nigger. Fuck you.

Breathe it in

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No it all went inside of her one way or another

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thirsty girl

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she's like a white version of slam piggy

You're a faggot if you don't sniff a woman's asshole

is her cousin as fat and ugly as she is?


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Oh, come on. She’s a fatty, but I would still pump that pussy full of semen

is this her cousin? if so,i have to ask.why would you want some ugly fat chick when you can have her instead?

this is why white men need to stop putting soy products into their bodies

please god share the fart story. did you ask her to or did you sniff it as it came out naturally?

i can imagine how awkword that consersation would be

>h..h..hey fat girl,can i smell your fart

I asked her to do it around me if she had to. It was after we'd had sex and she was naked. I really wish it had happened while fucking her from behind though. Beggars cant be choosers i guess...

How did it smell?

I have no idea how to describe it...but it wasn't that bad actually. You could definitely smell it in the room, but it wasnt super strong or rotten smelling. It was a decent sized fart though.

Thats hot. I hope you filled that pussy up with so much cum