Wwyd to my brazilian wife

wwyd to my brazilian wife

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I'd waterboard her


Inhale her farts

Send her back. Was married to one for a while. At best they're lazy and unintelligent.

they love to please you though

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loves riding her dildo

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No they don't. That same excuse can be made for any women. She's just better versed at snowing you into thinking so. Deny her something and watch her act the same as every other female.

Unless you keep her locked away in a remote part of Brazil, she will become modernized, and eventually you will pay the price for it. Heed my warning.

just enjoy the pussy

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cria um kik e fala comigo, corninho


Nothing, she's your wife.

votou no haddad, certeza

Tell her shes a fat ugly bitch and her husband is a pathetic fag.

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imma fuk her

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I need to fuck your wife unprotected.

please do

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Let me make a mess in that perfect mound. Would be hot to risk impregnating her.

what's the risk?

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Damn! I would eat that pussy forever you lucky bastard

tem snap?