Diss thread, I'll start

Diss thread, I'll start...

Your mama so stupid she thought a quarterback was a refund

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You are unfathomably boring and devoid of any original thoughts. Because of this you will die cold and alone.

Your turn.


your mama so stupid she didn't smother you to death with your dad's chew toys

You are awkward and rude to the point that you alienate everyone you meet. Your physical and social inadequacies prevent you from ever having any meaningful relationship. People only associate with you to use you, but they could never really like you. You may ever get married someday. But their embrace will hold no warmth for you because you are not sought for, only settled on.

Your turn.

You're so white, women won't sleep with you.

You are so bad at your own game that even random drunken strangers get bored with you after two exchanges and decide crying in the dark is a better way to spend their time than to continue a conversation with you.

If you wanna go down that route...
>yo mama so stupid that when she goes to the superbowl, she brings a spoon

You're mama so short when she sits on a curb her feet dangle

How is that a diss?

You’re mama so hairy I shot her and servers her to my family for supper.

no wait, I got that one wrong. Here it goes.

Your mama so stupid she jumped out the window and she went up.

You’re so bad man, i’m outta here

Should've been "your mama so poor"
Should've been "your mama so fat"

Your house is so dirty you have to wipe your feet on your way out.

You're so poor I dropped a cigarette but in your house and your mama started singing, "clap your hands, stomp your feet, praise the lord we got heat!".

You're so poor I looked in the window in your house and saw you dancing with roaches singing "We are family".


Yo momma so fat that when she goes for a stroll, she puts her legs in her pocket and rolls

I'm watching the dirty dozens right now on youtube. Got a shitload of em so far...

Yo mama so ugly, she went into a haunted house and came out with an application.
Yo mama so stupid, she jumped out the window and the ho went up.
Yo Mama so fat she wore a Malcolm X shirt and a Helicopter landed on her
Yo mama so stupid, She thought tupac shakur is a Jewish holiday.
Yo mama so dumb she asked me what jeans I was wearing I said Guess she says Levis
Yo mama so stupid, She thought she needed a token for Soul Train
Yo momma so stupid she needs a recipe to boil water
You momma is so fat she wakes up in sections
Ya mama so dumb she tripped over a cordless phone
Yo mama teeth so yellow, every time she smiles traffic slows down.
Yo mama so stank, the government uses her bath water for chemical weapons.
Yo mama so fat, they had to baptize her at Sea World.
Yo mama so stupid, it takes her 2 hours to watch 60 minutes.
Yo mama so stupid, she asked for a price check at the 99 cent store.
Yo mama so short, she poses for trophies.
Yo mama so fat, when she sits around thouse, I mean she really sits around the house.
Yo mama gums are so black she spits yoo-hoo.
yo mama teeth so rotten, when she smiles it looks like she has a mouthful of dice.
Yo mama so old when god said "let there be light", she hit the switch.
Yo mama so fat she eats biscuits like tic-tacs.
Yo mama so black, the police shot at her and the bullets came back for flashlights.

Guys, I think you all need to sit down for this one

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Your mama is so fat that when she walked by the TV, I missed 3 episodes.

lmao, I'm gonna save that one.


Your mama’s so short you can see her feet in her drivers license photo

Your mama so short she hanglides on a dorito.

Shit man, some of those I haven’t heard since I was in middle school almost 30 years ago

Yo mama’s so short she can walk under the bed with high heels on

Yo Mama so small you can see her feet on her driver's license.

Yo Mama so small she gotta slam-dunk her bus fare.

Yo mama’s so small she sprained her ankle getting off the toilet

Yo Mama so small she uses a sock for a sleeping bag.

Yo mama’s so small she uses a q-tip for a tampon

Yo Mama so small her head smells like feet.

OP here, going to bed. I'm tired. Thanks to y'all who participated.