Mississippi thread-

Mississippi thread-

not for anything in particular other than Mississippi, because nothing happens here and these threads usually die out pretty quickly anyhow.

Though, I guess I'll throw out a few topics for good measure anyways:

>thoughts on the November 5th election?
>is anything happening here other than the November 5th election?
>remember that one iHope sinkhole-but-not-really-a-sinkhole that occurred in Meridian some years ago?

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I remember the sinkhole. Hattiesburg resident btw


McComb fag here. Left long ago tho; now in GA

Born in Collins, lived in Moselle for a bit. Out of state temporarily but damn I love south Mississippi. Expect I’ll be back for good within three years. I’ve lived in Europe and traveled all over the place. Nothing like hearing those katydids chirping on a summer night on some old stomping grounds.

this is probably the most activity to take place on any thread regarding MIssissippi in a while

By the way, any of y’all fuckers ever watched that old Roy Rogers film “Judge Priest”? It feels like comfy kino Mississippi when I was growing up.

I mean Mississippi should be Sup Forums‘s favorite state as it still has the confederate flag in its state flag. On the other hand it should be Sup Forums‘s least favorite state because it has the most niggers per capita of any state. That’s probably why the lawmakers kept the confederate flag there because they have to deal with true true blue gum negroes the most. Gawt damn.

I haven't seen that tbqh, I'll have to take a look sometime

Chillin in the best area of MS, OS


Oh yeah, they're so prominent that I've come across a couple natsocs who suggested that parts of Mississippi should just be turned into an ethnostate for blacks.

I'm high and not from ms but I'm bored. Fuck you.


How's Georgia?

Starkville checking in.
I agree. Usually maybe two guys post about twice and that's it.

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Pretty much yeah. Hell, nude threads don't even seem to even exist at all for this state, and they seem to be rampant for about everywhere else in the US.

*don't even seem to exist

What a retarded typo I made

662 checking in! Never manage to catch these threads.

wtf, how do we have more replies than another state thread of any kind

Oxford checking in, what's good state?

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I live in georgia, should I move to Mississippi? Pros/cons?

we got this ole miss babe
> pornarchives.net/bailey-anne-hector-84-images-12-video-blonde-leaked-masturbation-porn/

This state is filled with darkies, retard rednecks who can’t read and fat cunts dying from what they call ‘the sugah’

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Found more


Pros... cheap gas, good food.

>Confederate flag imagery
>it's not urban California

>extremely high infant mortality rate for a developed part of the world
>not much happens here

thanks dude

We need some nudes in here.

Grateful for the Bailey set though user

so like- do we do this by area code like every other location thread, or should no fucks be given considering how few nude threads are Mississippi in that case?

Fuck it. Ha! If you got em post em.

Cool. Well we dont have too many niggers in my part of GA so i guess I'll stay here for now. Lots of pajeets coming in though.

Anyway, my grandma used to live in Gloster, MS so ive got some memories of the place. Our car broke down in Meridian (I think that was the name) and i thought we were going to die from gang activity

holy shit, the first active Mississippi thread in a while is on part with the activity of some Leaf thread

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Ms is the Canada of north America's

im in bay st lois and have rhe worst hemorrhoid of my life...
could someone please tell me how to get some weed i have money

Woah, posting this from The Pointe! Chem E major here.

well, it's Mississippi, so good nudes are probably rare to come by anyways.

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please no... half the girls here are either speed addicts or inbred

reporting in from the Coast!

Based, Desotofag here

I'm not far from Meridian- didn't come across too much gang activity from my personal experience, but there's been a lot of homeless people wandering around in what felt like recent times.

tbh, you're probably right

If they're not either of those things, they're horribly fat- not even thicc, just fat.

The best we ever got was a cheerleader that posed for Playboy, but she wasn't FROM here.
And yes she wasn't a cheerleader after that.
And yes I bought the issues she was in.
And yes I jerked to her... many, many times.
>Taylor Stone Corley

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or hairy feminists... or devout christians... fuck all that

I remember trying to find Mississippi nude threads in various archives, and all I managed to really find were a bunch of 1-post dud threads and a Tennessee thread where some person mentioned that they had nudes of some chick from northern Miss.

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we wish

our girls are too fat to have nude threads, we don't wanna see that shit anymore than we have to

Those devout Christian girls will suck the skin off your dick.

thanks m8


a better equivalent would probably be a third-world country.

You faggots don’t understand but Mississippi is a btard heaven. Easy girls if you’re not an aspire. Good climate. Lax police force if you’re white. You can get away with almost anything. Build a compound. Compile weapons. Whatever. It’s great.

People have the internet in Mississippi? What's it like living in the poorest hick state in the country

I once resorted to Tinder and there was a surprising amount of profiles where the chick would look fair or hot, but the bio would include "iM a ChRiStiAn JeBuS LoVeR i DoN'T dO hOoKuPs"

can confirm, girls are 'devout' here

Yep, we do- though, I wasn't exposed to the Internet at a more consistent rate until probably 2009-ish or so.

Also, it's already obvious enough that it's not the best- it works as a retirement state from what I could gather though. Very little happens here outside of the election that's coming soon and that one iHop sinkhole from a couple years ago. Religion is also everywhere, though it's not really forced or anything from my experience and I've heard worse stories about religious families from people who live in other states, so there's that I guess?

Also, food is good ig

Texas fag here. Just came back from MS and I'm shocked that there isn't a fkn Confederate flag, statues, nothing in Oxford, Tupelo, etc.
A sad plaque at Brice's Crossroads for Lt.Gen. Forrest. That's it.
The GloboHomoShlomo took over MS and erased your history, boys.

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ehhhhh, we're doing alright. we got a few in ox


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Self dubs, double post

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Oh shit, finally something

I’m from 662 as well. Nice pics

drop dat name boiii

Ole Miss or what?

Hopefully I won’t be the only one posting. Come on boys

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This stephanie?

lived in MS for a long time, moved to San Diego and it was best thing I've ever done. that place is a shithole

Tato Nut still around?

North ms checking in.

Stephanie last name rhymes with deck

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Ole Miss campus was full of chinks and niggers, dude. I couldn't believe they took down the Confederate soldier statue.
Don't they know that area was a former hospital that cared for wounded and dying Union and Confederate soldiers?
Fkn Marxist mutts don't give a shit anyway. Ole Miss sold it's soul for $$$$. Kikes are laughing. It makes my blood boil

Gpt here

Name? or IG?

Anyone got North MS nudes?

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I banged casey

Holy shit who is this. And what part of state

water valley check

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Any pics?

last from WV

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It's still there retard lmaooo

Guess I’ll be the savior of this thread. Kayla 662

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Madison M 662

Damn I’m in Oxford. Water valley is close. any info on her?

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Nah, sorry it was a one time thing.
How much of steph do you have? I thought I saw her on the old anonib board. But never actually saw anything good.


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Not bad. Phonefagging from work so it’s got that going for it. Lots of nigs tho

Looking for Steffani B 662

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she work at pizza hut?

Big tittied 662 feminist. Be nice to see these.

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ole miss? what year?

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Brittney D from Southaven area

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Sorry about the quality. Pic I got on my BlackBerry. That's how old it is.

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Ole miss.

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Nice man

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M O A R user