How are we supposed to compete with this?

How are we supposed to compete with this?

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with soap and superior intelligence

Stfu pornfag

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get a job

who says you have to

id argue its a disadvantage. Requires more blood and blood pressure + being big doesn't guarantee a satisfied partner. Unless the girl is a size queen, it'll probably be super painful/ comfortable anyways. Keep in mind average exists in large numbers because it works so well.

Imagine thinking that dick size matters over being white lol

this is just ridiculous
this... thing... is not even made to procreate, such size is not required for that
this thing was made explicitly to humiliate and make us look miserable and small

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we cant. goddammit. we should an hero.

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by not having aids

Imagine the sex

there was a time for competition and we lost
now it's time to accept and obey

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Black Size Matters

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White privilege and a six to seven figure salary, living in a cold area to keep the riff-raff out, going to a white church (i.e. Latter Day Saint, Lutheran, Episcopalian) to make social and business contacts, as well as having a fat long white cock to bury white seed deep into a beautiful blonde haired and blue eyed white baby factory has been and will continue to rule the world and dark people...

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Cardio. If us whiteys can’t win in size, we’ll beat ’em in stamina.


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I dunno i'ma Jew with Cherokee blood, i got a fat 11 incher so i can't relate OP, small dick problems

I'm not in competition with it, personally I don't give a fuck about blacks or their cocks. Being so pre occupied with BBC seems hella gay to me even more gay than traps. This whole cuckold hot wife thing to it's all just fawning and focusing on black dicks and that's fucking gay.

>there is nothing more american

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Kik potatoislands

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she want BBC

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It's not only about the dick size you know

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This was definitely made by a white dude, black guys can get dry and ashy as fuck

by not having AIDS

>bumping the thread from page 9
just say you like bbc

>how do we compete with this
>OP is afraid of a fake wax dong
Go eat rat poison faggot and stop bothering us with your phobia of niggers you pathetic cuck

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this is it right here. They give themselves away when they bump.

Its time for you to jump off a cliff

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blacks are more likely to join the military though

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OP is right, we the jewish people cant compete, thats why we need to deport them all out of Israel, or it will stop being a jewish state!