Wwyd/rate/ask about my GF

Wwyd/rate/ask about my GF
Replying with pics

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Face down ass up 6/10 so far

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Great ass, ample breasts. Better than my girl


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Kik ThrowAway9800 and tell me what you'd do to my gf


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I'd Lick her ass before i stuck it in her

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I wanna stick my dick between her tits and cum all over her face

Make her your slut

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I'd slam her fat ass until she fell flat on her stomach

Break her holes.

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I'd make sure to fill them all

More tits

Great, 8.5

My Wife ass, please rate

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9/10 would fuck

Id fuck her in that position while she makes you watch her be a good little slut.

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How tight is that ass

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does she like anal?


my gf

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same her ass was made for it

6/10 until i see more

any with her panties off

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Yes, what do you think?

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8/10 definitely, got anymore

Bubble butt ass, enormous tits, and a qt face to go with it? What are you even doing here?

love her ass, would bury my face in it anyday

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yeah she dresses like a slut but i have nudes too

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7/10 with the stubble

keep them coming then

id eat her out constantly

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yes more

whose ass?

her ass same outfit

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id spread her ass and fuck her like that

amazing view

i thought so this is at a bar

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such a tight butt

got more

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id slide those panties to the side and plow her

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tiny asshole too


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Wwyd to my gf?

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She loves that

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halloween costume

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i love a chunny girl

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Great shaped ass

Tease those tiny nipples until she begs me to put it in her

nice and slutty

bet she loves it rough too

I'd grab her hair and take her for a ride

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WWYD to my gf

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Im sure she would

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Which hole would you choose?

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she looks like she could keep going

Thanks! :)

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Whose beautiful white ass is this

she could

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Fuck her against the mirror so she can see her face while she gets rammed

then id pull her down and cover her face

Her asshole looks like it needs loosening


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I wouldnt stop fucking you


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I'd make her beg for me to put it in her ass

Wife ass rate

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i'll make sure to appreciate that slutty body of hers

then i would eat you out until you were ready for more

You've scored an amazing ass

enjoy her tits

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with an ass like that she'd need it hard

Nicely shaped ass.

Fuck id love to use those. Kik? More?