Family members you would fuck thread

family members you would fuck thread

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She is fucking hot. I want to blow so much semen into this whore

some dude's sister from an old thread

Post more of this slut


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goddamn please more

more of that ass

my milf

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bump for stolen nudes

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bump for sisters you fap to

Reminds me of her From that Rob Zombie movie

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cousin. wouldn't hesitate to fuck when given the chance

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dammmn keep going

sure dubs

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My cousin

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She looks good

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id rape her while you watch

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I'd love to taste her pussy

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Who is she to you?

>family members you would fuck thread
No pics cuz I don't need people tracking us down, but do stepsisters count? One of my stepsisters has been my personal cocksucker for the last 25 years. I have a lot of trouble cumming from head (even though it's my favorite thing in the world) but she makes me cum every single time. Every. Single. Time. She can make me cum about as fast as I can do it myself but chooses to give really long, super sloppy and slurpy "head sessions" that last for usually an hour or more. The girl loves sucking my dick more than anything in the world and has told me that she's "like, omg, literally addicted" to sucking my dick and eating my cum. She used to be skinny with huge perky tits and a phat round ass. Now she's old and fat and her tits are gigantic, ass is still phat and round. We've never made out or had vaginal sex. But I've played with, sucked, and fucked those fat tits more times than I can count, and I've fucked her in the ass and came inside her butthole a ton of times too. Mostly it's just blowjobs though

Do you live in a trailer?

Nope. The part that's really gonna fuck you up is that I'm highly successful and so is almost all of my family. I'm also adopted, and this is a stepsister we're talking about. So there's not even a tiny bit of actual relation. Just a dude who loves to get his dick sucked, play with huge fat tiddies, and fuck & cum inside phat round butts

As in, your mom? If so, do you have a way to message you? Kik? E-mail? Something else? If so, let me know. I like her huge tits and her face and I want to jack my fat cock off to her.

cousin of mine, was talking about her a few nights ago in a late night thread, actually fucking her would be madness but she is hot and gets me blushing

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Not blood related, but would be considered family i guess.

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Your mom?

time to use my throw away account and make her wonder whos the creep XD

lol fag we got her name and profile


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you have shitty taste

my mom

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Ah, well I'd love to fuck her. I can see her riding cock good

My mum

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Cute lady
Post more

My adopted cousin Dasha

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i need the kik also

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id put an o ring in her mouth and make her pass out choking on my cock


That would be hot

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If you have Kik, message me at LittleHooptie and show me more of your big-tittied MILF.

Cute lady
Post more

Very hot. You ever Jack it to her?

what if after she passed out i kept going?

I want to pound my nerd cousin.

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crazy dude! i want to pound your nerd cousin too!!

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Still would be hot maybe fuck her ass or something then too

What else would you do

I want to know more about her, got a secret slut vibe. Probs goes dogging

got kik?


She is something else. Got kik?

yup. i don't have kik tho, post some tribs here if u can. i'll post a bit more.

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nah, kinda just like sharing her here from time to time, usually after she does something sexually triggering to me

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ANy discord serves for shit like this?

What do you want to know?
Yeah she goes out sometimes like shopping and stuff and she takes much longer then when I go with her. Would be hot to know if she gets fucked then

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Got Kik?

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Yeah, what’s yours?

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Anybody else ever smell their sister's stinky shoes/socks growing up?

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a.k.a repost pic thread.

those tits are ridiculous
you ever touch them?

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she's not my sister, but i did smell her socks and gave her a foot massage a couple times

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i know i love nutting to her, and only accidentally i dont get to cop feels unfortunately

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Is that really your mother? How did you get her pics?

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cell phone

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any interest?

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i am also wondering this

any stories?

Sister, a couple of aunts, a couple of cousins and a niece so yeah a lot lol

Great tits.
Any pic of her pussy?