God tier faces thread

god tier faces thread

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She's ugly as fuck, bro.

it is time

My ex wife

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if this is god tier to you damn

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LMAO, nah bro

Titty swallow tattoos.

I could fuck your ex wife in under 3 hours. Guaranteed.

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This thread needs a reboot


Got a purtty mouth

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Nobody ever gives a fuck about this girl, but I think she's perfect, so fuck y'all

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Are you fucking blind?


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I’d rather go home and rub one out than fuck her

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>god tier faces
>posts a dump truck face
OP sucks so much cock

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I bet it would be less. She’s a whore. Only married her because she wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it, we had 2 kids and then we divorced shortly after the second. She’s a grade A cunt, but holy fuck she has the best tits and pussy I’ve ever seen.

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100% that's a dude

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You do that anyways, virgin.

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what a good fucking girl

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>god tier faces thread
>posts goblin

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Nah...not saying she’s bad, just doesn’t match criteria of this thread

dude, no....

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My gf.

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>god tier face
not in this universe

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ew no negros pls

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Holy fucking shit

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Show penor

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Fetal Alcohol Syndome

keep going

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Definitely not.

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u srs haha


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on the right

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what is it about faces like that, and the lower eyelid eyeliner that immediately screams "white trash"

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cute guy

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Not God tier but who is this????

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presley elise
happy wanking!

have to admit. she's pretty handsome


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let's see em then faggot

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I’ve wanted to facefuck this girl since I was 17

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