Convince me to become a cuck. It would make this girl very happy but I’m too jealous of her

Convince me to become a cuck. It would make this girl very happy but I’m too jealous of her.

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Don't become a fucking cuck, just get a bigger dick

That’s the problem, bruh

that shit an option?

A fact. Just over 4 inches

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If it would make her happy to make you watch her get fucked by someone else and you aren't okay with it, something is wrong with her, your relationship, or both, and you for not leaving her or addressing it.

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rip, you do you I couldn't do that shit

Relationships healthy. It’ll never happen and we’re both fine with that but I know she’d love it.

Yeah, it’s be hard (next to impossible) for me to go through with but I know she’d have fun.

I'd just leave her. Life isn't that long so why tf would you go through with shit that's gonna be that hard for you and isn't going to give you any rewards besides seeing someone else happy

>It would make this girl very happy
How is that not reason enough?
Also, post more pics and kik.

I’ll post kik if I can be convinced to be cucked.

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Just imagine how stunning she'll look getting filled from both ends by a couple of thick black cocks. Imagine the look of pure pleasure on her face, her moaning like a slut as she cums hard all over that massive dick, which fills her to the brim with hot, creamy spunk, while the other blows a thick load all over her sultry face and into her hungry mouth. And imagine what an exhilarated mood she'll be in afterwards, and still sticky with other men's cum when she comes to you for kisses and cuddles.

She’s racist as fuck. Will definitely have to be white dudes if she’s gonna do it. But the very image boils my blood.

Pic for great effort though

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>racist as fuck
All the more reason for her to get blacked. She'll probably get off on the feeling of degradation.

man, honestly if she likes you who gives a fuck if you're 4 inches. Girls actually don't really give a fuck about that shit. Every girl i've talked to would rather an average or slightly above average dick than a fucken 8 inch one.

My little fella has scored me a lot of anal, can’t lie. But she casually talks about and openly fantasize about bigger cocks. Like she’s curious.

wow, that's pretty shallow of her. Do you start the conversation and she goes with it, or does she start saying these things.

A bit of both.

Her happiness is your poison.

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I live off her happiness. I know she’d be content without but I also know she’d be excited as fuck to do it.

does she have nice feets?

She has nice everything. Real self conscious of her pussy but I have no idea why.

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I find a lot of girls that have "a lot going on down there" get self conscious of it...really no need as long as it's clean. How long have you two been together?

4 years in March.

have you had any complaints in prior relationships regarding penis size?

If she's asking you to it her she'll just go for it once she's tired of you saying no
Cut your losses by dropping this divorce in making

In all honesty she was my first. I’m something of a nudist though so I’ve been naked around friends and they’ve poked fun at me but she’s the only person I’ve ever had sex with.

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Post her feet.

Best I got on me bro. If she wasn’t working right now I’d get you some close ups

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Just put a strap on and fuck her with it

Mmm I want her sexy legs up on my shoulders and her toes in my mouth while I fuck her pussy hard and deep.

We’ve got a few toys but she tends to think they’re weird.

what if you guys did a couples swap or something. that way you get something out of it too. and ur not really a cuck

Might not be a bad idea. I’d still be extremely jealous seeing or knowing she’d been with another guy but might be a possibility.

curious how tall are you?


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well you must not be ugly af, because she's very attractive. She obviously is happy with what you have.

Believe me, I thank God every day for her. My face is alright but she likes chubby guys so that was a lucky break for me.