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I read this in Kermit's voice

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aw nice :)


go buy yourself a life

What a sad life you must live

oh (You)stace

Not to late to change yourself, keep positive, start with small changes

the log faggot is so delusional, he thinks anyone who is not as obsessed with making this a meme as he is must be one guy he calls eustace.
exhibit 1:
try talking to him about his psychosis and you will learn how bad his mental illness is.

I know it's difficult to do at the start, but that's where keeping positive comes in, I have faith in you op


You don't know the half of it

everyone is eustace. go buy a brain too

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Start succin eusty

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Smelly shit


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Start succin

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you are one mentally ill faggot
>inb4 some mentally ill excuse like "you just photoshopped yourself out of it"

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drink my piss bitch

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stay mad you mentally ill faggot


seid the man you likes trap theads. drink my piss and be whole.

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wrong, faggot, i don't care, unlike you, i don't get triggered by nutjobs, instead, i make fun of them till i get bored and move on.

yeeea ok bitch. prob cuz no woman wants to give you any kind of sexual job. but you can work for me drink my piss. find thy love in my UTI

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LOG ATTENTION!!1 ANIMATERR MAN! I have gotten confirmation that you know how to reproduce Andy's logs. So? What it's going to be? Are you going to clog my fucking throat or be a scared pissfag?

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>i don't get triggered by nutjobs, instead, i make fun of them till i get bored and move on.

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Age a little faggots. You think this is just some stupid meme? It's not. The Egyptians foretold of someone so beautiful and unique that their human waste would be oh so perfect, they even believed people could be reborn by the consumption of the feces.

What we realised was it was Andy six's dreamy, creamy, steamy poop that was worth drying for. It's rich in nutritional, sexual and emotional goodness.

You're just mad because you think it's disgusting to consume faces, grow up. I put my money that deep down even you want to consume Andy's wet turds.

Just give it a try you fucking faggot, give him a call and ask if he is slidding today and i promise you.. you will understand the need for logs when andy says yes and you will wish you were with him.

Once you sniff andys arse crack, you never go back friend.

It should say..
I'm gonna take a shit.
Bow your your fucking throat.

(bow, as to a king)

Help Sup Forums :(

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Failed Forced Meme

forced done your throate kek

failed meme, like your miserable life op

Failed meme


Failed post

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