Roll trips to see my pics my GF would hate to have shared online

Roll trips to see my pics my GF would hate to have shared online...

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Trips and you fuck off

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Dubs tho???

WWYD to her?

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Tell her that much like that sign in the back, she'll never be number one.


lol brutal

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Roll give me more user

I would tell her that I would do her the sex, in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

How would you humiliate her?

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By sharing her info lol

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I rolled dubs twice so that’s trips in my book

Just post the damn titties and stop being a drama queen.

Post it! Need to see all of this broad

I would treat her like the filthy slut I know she is

I want her to wrap her thighs around my face as I eat her out.

Holy shit she's fucking hot.

Wanna see those tits

sorry no
she really is
love it, she's a dom too

what do you mean and where did you get that pic...?

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trips confirmed.

She looks like she could be slapped around a bit... and like it