FB/IG/VSCO thread

FB/IG/VSCO thread

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More of her tummy pls

Kaylee or Caroline?

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A good choice

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Which has the fattest pussy?

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Right easy

Left obviously

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two different answers haha

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Shit better post both to be sure

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pussy stands out more on a skinny chick, so left

I have more of the blonde so I'll post more of her

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Yeah I'm thinking she's got the fatter pussy
No roast beef or anything, just some good sized pussy lips

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great ass


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More bikini

Who likes?

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Yeh she has some fatt lips

Hey kid, find anything interesing when I was in the shower?

You can't fool me.


Hey kid. I need to take a shower because my foot hurts. Bbl

(OP) #



(("Did somebody just say, "lel", or did they tell me to keep my, "voice", down?"))
Yes. Many kill confirmed confirmed kill military jokes.


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Who is talking about dual lipa?

Yup not roast beef level but just good enough

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better pics or what?

Keep going OP!

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More ass

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More of very left, maybe in skirt

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4 in bikini


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The best slut I know

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4 is hottt

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where is she in that server?

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More bikini

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Leftyyyy in heels

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Holy fuckkkk more

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Would fuck so hard


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Damn. What’re her name?

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