Anyone else of seeing all the fatass alt-right, anime watching, vidya playing NEETs LARPing as nazis?

Anyone else of seeing all the fatass alt-right, anime watching, vidya playing NEETs LARPing as nazis?

Fuck you alt right cunts. Come out and face us headon, bitchmades.
Can't wait until you fascists all get punched in the face and beaten back into your cave. You're all a bunch of neanderthals who wouldn't have a chance against us and you know it.

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If you faggots came to my neck of the woods you would get shot. That's why there is no demonstrations in Florida.

kek, fucking faggots

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Hard core alt-right porn

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Can’t you and the alt-right just shut the fuck up already? Nobody likes extremists. Fuck off. And die too while you’re at it.

you're asking for a fight you can't win, assuming this isn't shit-tier bait. although, your shitpost of an organization has never really done anything, just looked scary and beat a few people up. you'll stumble on the wrong fucker soon enough. although if the impeachment goes through, you'll have a civil war on your hands

>free speech
>as long as we support it

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Jfc you’re delusional.

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Ironic thread is ironic


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dude, what?

Larp or not...
Do you not see that you too are pushing a type of fascism? You're advocating for violence and against free speech while promoting bigotry. Stop, please.


you literally get your asses kicked at every event

fuck off to /pol shill

>inb4 67%
no, you're delusional

motherfuckers are going crazy, and a majority of the population are fucking fed up as shit. If you're not preparing yourself mentally or physically, you're a fool. i want us all to make it out okay

But what if I'm both Anti-Fascist and Fascist?

than you're probably a fucking tranny, confused asshiker

I'll hike your ass if you want

Antifa are fascist so you are fine.

i'll put your dick into a pressure fryer

and sell it as a small, slightly shriveled chicken tender to tyrone.

you're that gay

Antifa and Hitler's brown shirts use the same tactics to silence what they perceive as political opposition & those who dissent against their violent totalitarian extremist platform. The both also have / had full endorsement of major political parties of their respective era's. So while your comments obviously in jest, it's pretty much on the mark that both groups are "fascist" in their actions to silence dissenting voices.

This literally belongs on Sup Forums. Go there. Perhaps the Mods will assist you in that endeavor.

Also, given the violent and thuggish rhetoric and abuse Antifa undertakes, I'm really at a loss, not exaggerating, as to whether you're describing Antifa, or it's supposed targets.

Antifa is literally Nazis. You're violent, repressive authoritarian thugs that advocate socialism. Just like the Nazis.

I don't even know how you recruit people without Soros money, if you're indeed pro-Antifa, and not anti-antifa. Fuck. What a clusterfuck. Fortunately I can just dismiss all you fascists as anti-freedom.

You can just go beat each other up to your heart's content.

*Grabs shirt*

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This. The Neo-Nazis / etc. & Antifa / Black Bloc are absolute mirrors of each other. They're the violent street thug enforcers of their respective group / ideology.

isn't it ironic that antifa are fascists themselves

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Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity a bit, Anons.

And OP, Antifa is no different from the KKK, Nazi Brown Shirts, East German Stasi, White Pride, Black Panthers, Maoist Youth or any other thuggish authoritarian extremist group. Regardless how they brand themselves & thr5 media positive spin they received during their height of popularity - every single groups only goal was to injure, ruin the lives of, or kill anyone they saw as opposing their extremist views.

>antifa are fascists
Willing to be violent is not facism. They are just taking the Malcom x route instead of mlk. I don't think punching monsters is the right answer. Monsters hate knights and think the knights is the problem. Maybe you just hate being afraid you might get punched in the face when you chant the Jews will not replace us. I don't have any pity, invest in a good dental plan.

Antifa originated in Germany as a reaction to Nazism, fucking retard, open a book once in a while.

And /thread.

Sadly you still have an occasional unemployed morbidly obese incel far left / far right faggot like this useless cunt trying to act "hard" on teh interweb cause Mommy didn't give him enough attention.

Kek! True. Another for that list.

Violence is not fascism. It's a leg of the triad though, and the other two, oppressive social regimentation, and repression of individual expression, are also directly supported by Antifa.

Antifa is fascism. Not like fascism, or close to it. It is exactly fascism, completely, utterly, and to the bone. Worse, you're even a socialist.


What bugs the shit out of me is that some real rocket surgeons decided that because the Nazis are bad they should worship the only ideology to repeatedly crush their kill count just because it's on the opposite end of the spectrum. When it comes to Communism and Fascism both are murderous extremist ideologies that leave rivers of blood in their wake and neither should be respected.

Whence cometh thy reduction of fascisme?

Exactly. Both extreme ends of the political spectrum are responsible for the greatest amount of genocides, mass murder & suffering throughout the past 100. Between the far right and far left, tens of millions of innocent civilians died because of the power hungry totalitarian cunts. And The few remaining Antifa apologists still lack the intellect to understand why they're despised almost on par with the Klan, White supremacists, communist groups, religious fundamentalist militants & every other vile group of extremist trash.

*throughout the past 100 years

There must be some kind of confusion in your head. It's obvious who the Nazis are.

The cat's out of the bag you have no way to spin it.

Yeah let's equivocate the Empire to the rebels, they are just as bad.

Oh ye of little faith!

You are a special kind of pro-Kike Nazi: Zionazi

The Nazi 1.0 reviles the kikes. You Zionazis take their money.

Just observations of such entities through history.

No one cares about your “social club”, the only thing it’s good for is memes and shit-tier rioting & harassment. Go to bed.

Says the faggot on Sup Forums... Your mother dropped you too many times, you're retarded.


>actual nazis sick of larping nazis
wew what a time

Imbecile. I go to pride in Florida. We carry guns.

What a dumb nigger. Know those guns you want taken away from the population? Yea they're the ones that are gonna be used in self defense when you try to punch someone in the face for wanting to protect your first amendment rights from yourself you stupid cunt.

I just wanted to jerk off to femboys. i wasn't planning on seeing a comrade. blessed op, bash the fash. nazis are fags and are only good for throat fucking

They are communists user...
You know, the guys who killed an estimated 100 million people in the last 100 years? Compared to the Nazi’s they take it to a whole other level

You fuckers use the gun violence in the most liberal places as an excuse to carry guns like youre the only ones with guns.

You guys pretend to be anti fascist and anti-nazi but you only target women wearing american flag shirts and red hats. You're all pussies just looking for an excuse to attack random people from a group, you're retarded faggots and when you attack the wrong people you will get whats coming to you.

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Owned these sub-lib IQ cunts comerade don't out up with em

Retard conservative thinks antifa want to take guns way

"Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary." -Karl Marx

user, you exposed your stupidity the moment you use a fucking Star Wars reference to defend far left & far right nightmare horrifically brutal regimes that combined murdered around 300 million over the past century. Way to prove everyone's point about how retarded you boot-licking extremist sycophants actually are. And you faggots still don't get why everyone hates you.

Honestly, fuck you antifucktards. Get a life instead of destroying property. You guys are the reason I support the alt-right.

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Nazi retards.

We'll be happy to kill you there to.

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"Civil War"
You'll lose.



Not by you.

Antifa and the alt-right are both equally faggots.

Antifascist Aktion is Antifascist, you donkey brain.

yeah, get em , op

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So stupid you cannot tell the difference.

Go back to PoliSci 101.

Another moron.

Death to fascists everywhere.

Conservicucks haven't won a war since American antiquity. The fuck are you talking about? I mean fuck antifa faggots, but you're just talking horseshit here.

>beaten back into your cave

Right. Anyone notice these faggots only ever attack from behind?

You're the reason for Antifascist Aktion's existence.

Bet op is a filthy nigger.

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nice bait

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You said there would be a civil war if trumptard is impeached.

Go ahead.
Wave your guns around.
While the US Army kicks your ass.

My favourite is watching all the Nazis larping as "Patriots".

If they were patriots, they'd hate the nazis, who won the war you white supremo faggots?

>you just hate being afraid you might get punched in the face when you chant the Jews will not replace us

Not that user but I'm more concerned with some retard labeling me or frens "nazis" for stating we're against illegal immigration or any other simple right-leaning stance.
>and they label people nazis for such things all the time
>being right wing at all is enough to get labeled such

That said I'm not afraid they'll punch me.
If they ever came to the deep South and tried their nonsense down here they'd just get shot in self-defense after the 1st punch. Or beat down into a pulp.

>they know this
>its why they refuse to try protesting here

U truly do not want to escalate
Ppl are noticing how u are getting away from justice while Others try to fight u back get punished.. what do ppl w the guns do when law taught and used against you? You become unlawful and play by the same rules

I didn't say anything, newfag. That was my first post in this thread.

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Begone Larper, you weren't interesting when you tried this shit months ago. sage

Newfag can't even check IPs and he thinks he's smart enough to run a civil war.

Liberals ALWAYS win. They won the first US civil war. They started and won both world wars. They're the only ones in history who ever engaged in atomic warfare.

But yeah, hickey magoo over here who doesn't know who posted what is going to lead the MAGAfatty army. Okay.

>US military
Just a quick question bud
What does "Commander in chief" mean to you?

Underrated post

Go away faggot, you are racist against white people and heterophobic. Your extreme, pathetic views will be not tolerated here. Go back to safe shittid

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Fucking right! Better have some beef with barley.

He doesn’t the USA still run Guantanamo bay, a literal concentration camp for foreign threats?

You’re not even close to baseline.

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OP, we werent able to leave pic related at your residence without taking out a few trees and your neighbors vehicle, but thanks to UPS new "Social Media Alert Guarantee", our team of experts tracked you down to let you know your package has arrived and to secure a safe address for delivery.

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>although if the impeachment goes through, you'll have a civil war on your hands
1st I have high doubts the senate would vote to remove him even if the impeachment occurs.

2nd threatening civil war following his removal via legitimate congressional votes shows the intelligence and emotional fortitude of a toddler

>Go ahead.
>Wave your guns around.
>While the US Army kicks your ass.
3rd You faggots really think the entire military is going to just up and fight US civilians?
Most of the civilian militias are comprised of prior service members as it is.
The current military ranks would be decimated from soldiers going AWOL if they were ordered to attack US citizens on US soil.
You're legit retards to think otherwise.

What the fuck is that thing?

Decimated means reduced by 1/10th you illiterate...

Human spotted, definitely not a skin job

>Decimated means reduced by 1/10th you illiterate...
>hur dur he used a word wrong hur dur

Please. That's like saying don't judge a book by its cover, which we EVOLVED to do...and very well. That type of thing is an indicator of rank stupidity.

Lol, antifa niggers want to kill even more people, pretty much all oppressed white people and these that do dissagree with cringe antifa opinions, worst of all antifags truly thinks that fascism still exist and believe that we live in some fascist society while 80% of society keeps pushing rotten progress, and left pretty much won long time ago but of course antifa drones keep repeating lies and delusions

Liberals started and won both world wars?
It's always funny to see someone getting on another's case saying that they don't know what they're talking about while proving that they themselves have no idea what they are talking about.

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Like you are from the working class, shut up you nazi

if you straight touch me in public i will murder you. do not act like most people wouldn't.

Then, illiterate faggot.