Hey Sup Forums, what do you usually get from chinese take out?

Hey Sup Forums, what do you usually get from chinese take out?

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I love my pork ribs in these sugerd donut things it's not real take out from what I hear closed the place down unfortunately

Sweet and Sour pork

>Sweet and Sour pork
i usually go with vegetable lo mein but ive been meaning to try sweet and sour pork

Sesame chicken and spring rolls

Same, I flip flop between friend rice or lol mein

I prefer plain white rice soaks up the sesame chicken sauce better imo

does anyone know which food comes with brown fried rice? for some reason they always give me white fried rice instead

General chicken of pork fried rice.

Beef and broccoli, chow mein, fried rice.

Then I mix that shit all together

Beef lo mein and pork fried rice, almost every time. I'm hungry

Honestly I've just started cooking it from home instead

that foam like thing fried to a crisp

Boneless BBQ Ribs
Crab Rangoon
Walnut Chicken
Sum Bo
Fried or Steamed Dumplings

unsatisfaction usually followed by sloppy diarrhea

anything with shrimp

alright then, what do you like to eat or make at home?

chinese take out

Sweet and sour chicken or pork
Pork fried rice with no onions
Pork lo mein with no veggies.


does the pork absorb the juices in the lo mein?

What juices? Idk wtf kind of lo mein you're eating but it's obviously fucked up.

the sweet juices m8

I have no idea what you're talking about

after you're done with the lo mein, the juices gather at the bottom in which you slurp up

kung pao chicken and pork fried rice.

i'm a sucker for good kung pao, and it seems to be a good dish to determine whether a chinese restaurant is any good.

Pan-fried pork dumplings, pork or house special lo mein, singapore mei fun (not always common) and broccoli with garlic sauce are all standby choices.I order Chinese food a lot when I want to veg out and forget about my life. I love Chinese food.

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>Hey Sup Forums, what do you usually get from chinese take out?


What is usually in the house special lo mein?

He's referring to like the very light gravy or sauce that lo mein is either cooked or finished in, which flavor the lo mein and leaves usually a tiny quantity of sauce left over at the bottom.

However, I don't see how cooked pork could absorb this vanishingly small amount of sauce in any meaningful quantity, since it is not immersed in the sauce and since the Maillard reaction has already occurred on the surface of the meat, hindering further absorption.

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House Special is typically a mix of all of their base protein options (beef, chicken, pork and shrimp) sometimes with the addition of extra vegetables.

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Tbh I'm q white fuck and my girl is Korean so I usually let her order for me because I trust her lol. She usually gets me the beef and broccoli with pork fried rice and spring rolls that we split though. I hate long thin noodles though. Had a real bad experience as a kid...
Posting a pic to whet OP's appetite

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Doesn't sound like any lo mein I've ever had. I assume all that shit is absorbed by the noodles before you even have a chance to eat it. Matter of fact if I ever ran into any wet lo mein like that I'd throw it in the chinks face.

Ok I'll take the bait. What unfortunate events followed your encounter with a long slender noodle.

Looks like dog food lol

General's Chicken.

Your dog must eat like a king.

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Diarrhea, gas gangrene, sepsis, brain hemorrhage and death. I get from chinese takeout. No joking

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babi pangang or cheuyeng chicken or some other shit.

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frie rice with the shrimps

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Sesame chicken, rice, and egg drop soup

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Some of my favorites are:
Steak Kow or Pepper Steak
Sweet n Sour Chicken
Almond Chicken
General Taos (depending on place)
Happy Family or Triple Delight (which is chicken, steak, shrimp and or pork all together with a brown sauce and veggie)
And chicken fried rice.

A pizza margarita or spaghetti bolognese and a large coke. Am i doing it right?



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