What's the best way for INTJ's to integrate into new groups and strike conversations...

What's the best way for INTJ's to integrate into new groups and strike conversations? Sometimes it just feels like I'm too far above other people to be able to relate with them

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Find your inner INTP. Most INTJ's have it.

Mediator here, wouldn't know. I don't usually think too highly of myself, and when starting a conversation with others, I'm usually the last thing on my mind.

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just get people to talk about what they like


The fuck is INTJ? is this some new astronomy bullshit?

Stop being a faggot. That personality scheme is a crock

I have no problem meeting and adapting to groups. I'm the alpha though.

being this new.

The best way is to drop the silly personality bullshit you're smoking and stop trying to define yourself based on some title or badge you want to belong to. How can you feel "above" others and still eat this Meyers Briggs bullshit up like cornflakes

Fuck off, nigger.
The first place I saw this shit was on tumblr years ago. It's just some new astronomy bullshit to try and compartmentalize an individual's personality. The fact that people try to root it in actual psychology makes it cringier. Now people say "oh I'm INTJ" instead of "I'm a pices!" And it means the same damn thing.

>stop trying to define yourself
Just leave it at that.
Like Alan Watts once said, "Trying to define yourself is like trying to bit your own teeth."
Go with the flow and be interested in others.

its not though. astrology is random. MBTI types are based on your literal answers to a test. your "type" is 100% based on your personality.
can tell youre not a T

100% based on your answers to a test on your personality*

Except a disproportionate amount of posters on here score INTJ even though the personality makes up about 1% of people.

stupid question.

if you want to learn how to game small talk, learn neurolingustic programming, but I would rather have a genuine existence than turn myself into a puppet-actor.

become an hero with them

yes, another INTJ here. maybe thats why we're b/tards

He just means that he's tired of using JetBrains "IntelliJ" software development suite. Those guys sometimes get a real big head about it, calling themselves "IntJ's" like its some huge deal.

INTJ here, can confirm
not only that but if youre smart enough, you can easily learn how to fake it if you cant tap into the natural INTP-ness

>inb4 "int-penis"

BAHAHA oops I mean yes. free will is an illusion. you can't help but be worthless, doughy and socially retarded.

so keep on keeping on, you genetic dead end. try not to dwell too much on the fact that your bloodline didn't fail until you came along to kill it by dint of your laziness, stupidity and cowardice

>implying anyone other than an INTJ would frequent Sup Forums

Thanks user.
Still no wiser though,somewhat.
Reason I asked is because quite often,INTJ/ENTJ etc etc is often on profiles of many folks




Guess we know who's not an INTJ.

Nice dubs. But yeah, sometimes people want to seem a little more professional, so they'll try to fluff up their qualifications. "I'm highly skilled in Java development!" becomes "Hi, I'm an INTJ!". Kinda like professional shorthand.

>tumblr years ago. It's just some new astronomy bullshit
kek they have been teaching it in collage psychology classes for the last 30 years (probably longer). It's not perfect but it is a baseline to start with, anybody that can be honest with themselves gets a pretty accurate result.
Any psychologyanons in here, do you know the name of the test where you're asked whether or not you'd steal medicine and your score is based on how you answer the question rather then the choice to steal or not? It's a good test to take with Meyers Briggs

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INTP here, who taps into his INTJ side when needed. Can confirm fake it till you make it. It's not pretending to be someone different; it's tapping into someone whose already there, just someone who is mostly dormant.

Thats not the same for INTP's, you are just running a virtual machine of a INTJ, doing some parallel branch prediction of alternative outcomes

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the ride never stops

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Thanks user.
No shit?
Are some folks really that vain? There really is no hope for humankind.
Many thanks user!

Intended for

You feel too far above other people, lol

That's your issue, your superiority complex, you are not above anyone else, in fact you are so below them in at least social skills you can't talk to new people, get your head out of your ass

>Except a disproportionate amount of posters on here score INTJ
No. Sup Forums is primarily INTP, being user is important to us because we play devils advocate just because we see a flaw in your view even if we agree with you. And that shit would look schizophrenic af if somebody were to go through our posts like on FB