User. Need your help. Why does my ass not stop itching? What's wrong!

user. Need your help. Why does my ass not stop itching? What's wrong!

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Jesus Christ, how many cucumbers do you shove up there daily?

Did you wipe?

It's probably healing after whatever you stuck in there tore it up. The only other excuse you have for your ass to look that way would be if you're 70 years old

I'm not much into anal. Does it look obvious? I've never been with a dude so not sure if that matters to anyone.

So what I'm taking from you all is if I've say have had this problem since I was 16 I should go to a doctor...

Yes I fucking wipe. And shower twice a day.

Uh yeah. What the fuck do you think? Your ass shouldn’t always be on fire you dumb fuck.

Be honest OP, what are you shoving up your ass?

That wasn't very clear. Basically, I've tried stuff over the years maybe half a dozen or so times. Nothing major or on the regular. I'm sure that didn't have anything to do with the cracked itching skin. It's been like that for years. The butt stuff is fairly recent.


A small vibrating butt plug. Don't really like it. Just something the GF wanted to try. I will never say no to her I guess except pucking and shit. That's too much for me.

Really? I thought that was on the inside of your asshole.

You’re probably gonna need some hydrating and anti-infection cream along with medication for hemorrhaging. And we all know you’re lying, a normal man’s asshole is much dirtier than that. The lack of hair is extremely questionable as well. Just fess up, this is Sup Forums

No really. It's been a problem since I was 16. I'm almost 40. I itch it from time to time. Probably the reason for the lack of hair? I don't see other dudes assholes that closely tbh. Haha

Just go to a doctor. It’s unlikely that to you’ve been hemorrhaging for years but any irritation near the anus and Colin needs to be looked at. It could be anything from an infection to cancer.

I wicked appreciate the advice. It's been embarrassment for all these years that has prevented me from telling a Dr. It really is uncomfortable.

There’s nothing wrong with going to a doctor for something that uncomfortable man. Just do it, it’ll be for the better.

Also I'm generally a non hairy dude. I have like 4 chest hairs and shave twice a week. For real.

I've suffered from the rashy looking shit on your skin. Mine was on the inside high up on my thighs. Moisturizing for a few weeks cleared it up. And avoid scratching

Thx. I'll report back if it's something awful or I bang a hot nurse.

I went 2 days without scratching. That was the longest. It was sheer torture. I've used toothpicks and old toothbrushs it's been SO ITCHY! I know gross but it's Sup Forums. Ive seen people die here. He'll I saw a dude cum on a dead frog the other day. It gets fucked sometimes.

Hell* why does it automatically go to he'll when you mean hell. Autocorrect is another rant for another day.

Smells good tho.

Could be bacterial. My gf had a strep infection on her ass (very embarrassing for her). You're gonna have to go to the doc and probably get an antibiotic.

Yea, took me years to figure everyone wasn't like this.

Jesus. It’s probably just a fungus. Go see a doctor and they’ll give you a prescription. I don’t do anything that weird and I had the same thing. Go be a man and see a doctor and tell him about your b-hole

Don't sit as long on the toilet and stop pushing your shit out. If it wants to come out it'll come out, don't force it. That's how you get this.

Also stop showering 2 times a day, it's not good for you skin or the environment and its over kill.

why does your ass look like that? you should be fed to pigs. the fuck