On/Off Thread

On/Off Thread

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It's nearly the year 2020.

Why are people still posting shitty resolution photographs? 650x497 - WTF.

I should be able to do a retinal scan on this bitch.

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On off thread in the server


I like how she raised her leg for the off. Are there any more like that?

Who is the temptress

Becky? Becky Sanchez?

yes omg its been so long. how are you tom? doing better? did you get rid of that rash? did your dad find out youre gay?

Bond, James Bond

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Dont care, still came

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What service?

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what a perfect body

Send this pic for more. K i k.

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Where's her dick?

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Moar, sauce? Nice tits on her

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Thank you

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Weird eyebrows but I'll take it

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I wish to know more

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More pics?

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want more?

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Not in this retarded format

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like this?

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Thats government tech my dude. U gonna have to wait till they got somethin better to use it yourself.
They can scan your retinas while you are driving even wearing sunglasses. Shits wild.

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Its Lexi Lore - pornstar

Nice try posting pornstar ya deadbeat faggot


more of this guurl?

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Want more?

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this because a fucking retard makes this "on/off" thread and doesn't even understand how an on/off works
1. You post a pic of your girl with her clothes on. OC is typical, exes, wives, gfs, etc.
2. If any user calls for seeing her with her clothes off, you then follow up accordingly.

An 'on/off' is NOT posting shit-tier collages, which are low rez and absolute CANCER to an IMAGE BOARD where quality of images is paramount.

Whatever fucking asshole keeps making this dumbass thread needs to fucking die already. He's too dumb to get how this shit works, and instead gets off on posting his shitty collages he makes, almost all of which are girls we have all seen hundreds of times over and with the full rez original pics.

So fucking dumb.