Whats stopping you from starting a family with a cute black girl?

Whats stopping you from starting a family with a cute black girl?

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Well, that one has a cock, so probably that.

the reasons why i don't like black women:

>They don't speak proper language
>They don't care for their health and fitness(get fat fast)
>They dress ghetto
>They don’t get a degree
>They can't keep a job
>They can't keep a decent conversation
>They can't cook
>They dont clean
>They are lazy
>They are loud
>Their primitive attention whoring nature
>They drown their man in ghetto or native culture and
>The family drama.
>The offspring are very likely to inherit the black parent's low intelligence.
>The offspring are very unlikely to inherit the white parent's or ancestors diverse phenotypical (eye and hair color) characteristics.
>They raise sons to be shitty irresponsible fathers and they raise daughter's to be objects of entertainment.
>Lowest IQ race on the planet.
>Most likely to murder their partner for no reason.
>Born with the most physical diseases and defects at birth.
>Carry most STDs.
>Highest unemployment and welfare rates.
>Can't even run their own country of Africa without burning it down.
>Have the highest crime rates in every country they populate.
>Most likely to murder their own kind.
>Haven't invented anything useful.
>Most high school dropouts.
>Make the most low level low skill "music" and "art".
>Too stupid to play real instruments.
>More likely to have HIV
>More likely to have Syphilis
>More likely to have any/all STDS
>More likely a single mother.
>More likely to have a domestic violence charge.
>More likely to have a criminal record.
>More likely to get shot on the side of the road.
>Semi retarded children
>Obese before 35
>Health issues before 35
>Jealous like hell
>Can't figure out shit themselves
>Don't generate income unless camwhore or prostitute
>Low level conversations

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You cab always adopt a kid in need of a good home.

Lots of girls have penises and they can be as warm as a girl with a vagina

The only thing she's giving birth to is Chunky Santorum

Are you a sperg

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Fourty keks


No, he's just a fucking retard contributing to the fall of modern society with his liberal agenda.

Potato, potato (it sounds better irl)

>Black girl
pick one

My lack of self-confidence, trust in women and willingness to become comfortably independent.

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>They don't speak proper language
*They don't speak the language properly

they pussy smells and tastes weird. caucasian white pink pussy tastes better and doesn't stink up ur dick for days.
>different races have different smells
>lamb and goat taste like shit to almost everyone
>chicken causes maddening craving desire in blacks
>that's white pusyy, chicken of holes

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That's Vanniall

White women’s pussy is usually gross. They’re some nasty hoes.

For starters, the one you posted has a dick...

fuck off jew.