Interesting prehistoric creatures thread. This is the helicoprion...

Interesting prehistoric creatures thread. This is the helicoprion, which had a buzz saw mouth that could easily slice up prey. Would be pretty fucking terrifying nowadays but they’re extinct.

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I never understood that one. Unless the lower jaw is rotating like an actual buzz saw, then I'd think a lot of shit would just sort of get stuck in there. That's why you usually see jaws in pairs, just the top without the corresponding bottom is much less effective. Maybe that's where coral came from or something, so those shitty sharks could pick the bones out of their teeth.

This is the titanoboa, which Is supposedly the largest snake in existence. These fuckers are absolutely gigantic and would definitely make any creature shit it’s pants if they stumbled across this snake. Also extinct (thank god) and could grow to be around 42 feet long and weigh around 2,500 pounds. Jfc.

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They probably did a lot of times but I doubt a shark would give a Fuck lol it would probably clear its teeth out by eating other shit that just gets stuck back into their teeth again.

>would definitely make any creature shit it’s pants

there was a hooved crocodilian that could run at about 30mph
not sprint a short distance
but run for an extended time

Now this cunt is the dunkleosteus, a very hard to kill creative with basically protective armor and an INSANELY strong bite. Also Is aggressive as it gets. If you look it up you’ll see these creatures fossils look very similar to how they looked when they were alive, face wise. No clue why the fossils look so preserved.

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Here yo go, fuckers.

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If a fish wore pants how do you think they would have worn them?

More fucked up prehistoric fuckmonkeys

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Imo the faster the creature the scarier. And being big on top of it? Fuckkkk

Looks like something a child would draw lmfao

Imagine being impaled by that

Fossilized ants eating a banana while trapped in 46myo amber.

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narrow jaws typically evolve to catch fast moving small aquatic prey
it probably didn't use the jaw to rend prey
but rather to trap it in its mouth where it would be swallowed whole

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The arctodus AKA short faced bear, was a MASSIVE extinct bear that was greatly larger than any polar bear measured in the modern world. And polar bears are the largest bears around rn. I’d say you’d either need a machine gun or a genuine bomb to kill this thing.

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Wish this wasn’t fake lol

I guess that makes sense. Wouldn't want to be a shark who depends on swallowing shit whole when things are growing fangs on the outside, though.

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Probably high mineral density in the original bone. Turning into a fossil is basically replacing organic with minerals.

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probably why they went extinct
hyperspecialists are almost always the first to go in any extinction event

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Me fucking too

That would make sense

The Deinotherium wasn’t overly aggressive or adapted with massive sharp horns, these creatures were just huge. I’d post a pic closer to what they look like but their size is what’s interesting, look at the comparison to a human. Thats bigger than a lot of houses and they probably stomped many other creatives to death to defend themselves.

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Looks like a fuckin basilisk

Fake and gay.

those creative types are fucking cancerous

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Creepy and ugly as hell at the same time

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No wonder why they always lived in the stone age if they just kept murdering their intellectuals to extinction.

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Jesus Christ

Was just about to post this one lol damn it

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Even the ticks that fed on dinosaurs were armor plated

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Not much, just a fucking millipede the size of a man.

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I wonder if anacondas evolved from these things over time like crocodiles did when compared to their prehistoric ancestors. I heard something about their prey started decreasing in size after extinctions large prehistoric snakes and crocodiles became smaller over time to accommodate for the smaller prey instead of having to eat more to sustain themselves.

Oh that's downright unfuckingsettling

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The Thresher Shark is not extinct but still looks fucking cool. They use their tail to stun small pray before eating it

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I've actually seen this one before. Scientific name is Feikus Angeius.

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> problematicus

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