Literally cannot WAIT for guns to be outlawed and to see all you 2nd Amendment worshipping cucks get all butt hurt...

Literally cannot WAIT for guns to be outlawed and to see all you 2nd Amendment worshipping cucks get all butt hurt. It may take a while, but I definitely see it happening in our lifetime.

"If the government wants my guns they can just try to take them from me hurr durr!!"
Guess what my nigga they can and they will and there's nothing you can do to stop them. Y'all think you're super patriots that are going to overthrow a "tyrannical government" when all that's gunna happen is you're going to lay down, take the check the fed writes you for your weapons then you're gunna go on The Federalist comment sections and bitch about how you and the Proud Boys are gunna hold each others dicks and get back what's "rightfully yours".

I moved to Texas awhile back and like so many like me, we are going to do everything we can fo turn this state blue. It's our right and our responsibility to fix whats wrong, mainly guns.

Whether full gun control/gun owning abolition works or not, it's going to happen. And I can't wait to see you guys go full retard and lose your minds.

All you ammosexuals are so fucking deranged it's sickening.

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If you take away the guns then people will just stab each other.
The problem is not with the inanimate object it's with the person holding it.

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yawn. also, fuck you.

R.I.P. pop's

You dumbfuck, the right to own guns is written into the constitution, the government can’t under any circumstance change that. There might be harsh regulations in the future but there will never be a day when America completely abolishes guns. Your a stupid liberal and I’d tell you to shoot yourself in the face but because your an idiot with no clue of how the country works, I think you’d be better off swallowing a handful of pills.

Time for some truth pills.
I don't even care if its bait.

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This one is rather peripheral, and is mostly to preemptively BTFO white-guilt ridden liberals who are gonna claim that whites are responsible for blacks being the way they are because of slavery

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Your fucking retarded I'd you don't think that these retards are gonna fight back with there guns if they get outlawed in the us

They can't try to take them from you.
Given the precedent of the '94 Assault Weapons Ban, they can limit trade in new weapons, but that's not quite the same thing as taking them away from you.
An attempt to actually wholesale remove weapons from private ownership nationally would run into the second amendment hard, and given the conservative bent of SCOTUS for now and the forseeable future, probably be struck down or limited. And it's extremely unlikely the US is going to have a full on civil war between government branches, particularly executive or legislative vs judicial.

the ban will come and the little revolt it causes will be squashed like a bug
can not wait it will be so great to see all the dumbest people taken out
I will be sitting back with a smug smile

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so if the 2nd amendment is useless, what about the 1st? or 4th? or any of them for that matter?
If we can pick and choose which ones we like and dont like, whats the point of having any of them?

Gronk big. Gronk tuff. Gronk like Big Bertha. Big Bertha like little man. Grok want to POUND little man. Little man have pew-pew that kill Gronk if Gronk try to pound little man. How Gronk survive?

Crawl back in you cave Gronk. That genie is out of the bottle.

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Notice how OP didn't post this on /k/.

you and people like you will be the first ones to be killed when the time comes. be ready.

>It's our right and our responsibility to fix what's wrong, mainly guns

Okay, libtard. Go suck on your black boyfriend's cock and drool over the pedophiles you fuckers protected by killing Epstein.

Total number of gun violence related deaths? 33,000 since 2013.

Total number of suicides? 20,300 since 2013.

It's not an issue with guns, it's an issue with mental health, dumbass.

Unfortunately, a rope works just as well, if not better than, a bullet does for offing yourself, so the suicide number will simply jump to another way of ending themselves.

Fortunately, however, that means OP can still off their cuckold ass when their cheating boyfriend rails twinks in front of him because the relationship needs to be "Open and accepting," if this stupid shit goes through.

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dubs of truth prevails

>being this fucking retarded
No way in hell people would get rid of their guns plus there is 3d printer guns now

Before someone else corrects me, it's suicides-via-firearm, not total suicides since 2013.

...Don't bother looking up how many suicides there were, total.
Spoiler alert. It's a shit-ton.

That's fucking small kill your family

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I think you pressed ctrl+v again.

Made you look