Icarly is the reason why I became a footfag

Icarly is the reason why I became a footfag

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also feet thread

Does dan get credit for getting teen sluts to do this shit

Fuck off Dan.

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>thinking Icarly was good in the first place

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Do you have clip of lesbian foot scene from that crime show she was on

Did you see the pic of her re creating when dan first ass fucked her

No os it real?

For me it was this old episode of Sesame Street, there’s a clip of these ballerina feet and heels and others dancing, then it just shows them barefoot. I think it was called “Feet”.

Shes been posting a lot of self hate pics on her insta

Don't see anything there

Like whatcha see, big boy?

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Shes been deleting them like 2 hours later
Shes unraveling

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Her expression when dan put it in her ass without permission

What's this from



yw m8

who doesnt loves the dan

Eh, I'll follow. I remember Jen's "Look what you've done to me" video.

yeah right, and Sup Forums is the reason faggots got addicted to traps


Cant find it anywhere
If you have link to it

That shit was priceless

Dan loved that one as well


That wink thing at the end

Research Donald Marshall and celebrity cloning

Jen who?

Nice !

I forgot it was a vine
I am legit retarded

She has sunk so low

Her stock has plummeted to beyond hell

Good call
That wink is so telling