Alt/emo/scene/goth and colored hair girls

alt/emo/scene/goth and colored hair girls

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need more of her plox

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anyone have a name? i reversed the image but got nothing

So fucking sexy. Any more?

Who is this fiery beast

xhamster com/photos/gallery/kayla-the-dirty-fucking-goth-bdsm-slave-whore-11865972

Fucking perfect I don't need to make a thread just to ask this question. Why does chicks like these usualy have Daddy issues? Is all the flash and flair to get their dad's attention? Or is it because he was an over reaching dad, and the daughter is rebelling? A second question is why do they get so upset when you say they dress like this for attention, when this catches your eye from a mile away.

In return some Liz.

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tfw liz is fat and kinda ugly now

Have more if anyone is interested

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don't do that to me user

confirm my suspicions that her butthole is as amazing as it is in my imagination?

dont look her up on youtube

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Not my type but hot

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Yeah, but id fuck her anyway just because I came to her pictures so much.
she has a channel of YouTube? haha.

Riae Suicide

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does the metal end that goes into the nose accumulate boogers? or does it not go all the way in?

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Booger collector

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>Pic...relevant...I'm so sorry...

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pressing F pretty hard, what a damn shame

I don't sad over some rando slut often, but this just ruins my childhood.She was the best. Now she's a hamplanet.


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She still be fun to tie up, and play with her.

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You turned quads into lies. Leave us! Depart form these filthy halls and trouble them no more!

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TooZelda in Patreon if anyone has Extra cash to blow then pay and post it

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Your a lie. Tie her ass up. Some where no one will find her, play with her body, and place her on a strict diet, get back to prime shape, and enjoy the old times. Long game bitch.

Holy Christ more please


Nah man. Once they go ham that pussy never tightens back up. The fat my burn, but the rolls hang around forever. That chick is straight ruined.

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Right before her comeback she was still posting really old images on her twitter and passing them off as current. It was a shock when actual content showed up.

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fucking pathetic

Well, I mean of course she's pathetic. All of these women are. That's why they're so great. But you have to keep them on that treadmill so they fuck themselves with chocolate cake. If you don't control these kinds of chicks, they try to eat their way into Daddy's heart.

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Does she have videos of her fucking a fat Liz?

So they *don't

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or feed their drug addiction

Best leash there is, ultimately. Keep em addicted and horny.

>dat Intel 536

lol I meant more in terms of not letting them get fat but yeah you right. ethically questionable but right

Ethics? Have you seen these worthless whores? They're better off.

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how do I get a girl to do this for me

stop being a little fag

No interest?

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shes fucking hot, any spread/hardcore?

Timestamp and tits or GTFO

chick definitely sucks dick for xanax

post more