Is he still funny?

Is he still funny?

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absolutely not

i miss h3h3 actual video days, now it's just trash half ass podcast with ethan barely holding it all together

you are a tryhard ethan. just be yourself.

I never found him funny

Never was, and never watched this faggot. The first 5 times I saw him wink and use his eyebrows. I thought he was retarded and never watched again after I got raided with comments being a haters cus of his gay autism retardism winks and eyebrows.

He's still pretty funny. Not what it used to be, but, they're doing great on the podcast for themselves. It will never be like back in the day, but, sometimes you have to let good things die, for more good things to come.

liked the channel when he made collab with idubz but then started to learn more about him in the podcast, now to me he is just at the scumbag level of boggie.

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Not really, but the podcast is entertaining enough.

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It's called Tourettes.

He is alright (FUCKING STOP CHEWING INTO THE MIC) He kinda, has his own style, but we tries in my opinion, to be too much like Howard Stern. He also need to shut the fuck up about shit talking Trump, but you know what, on that point that Dan guy who is a Lib, does chime in once in awhile as a devil's advocate for Trump, and thats honestly why I like Dan.

The tourettes makes stuff he says fucking hilarious sometimes

You're truly retarded.



Ethan Edward Klein (born June 25, 1985) was born in Ventura, California, to an Ashkenazi Jewish family. His parents are Gary and Donna Klein, and he attended Buena High School.[9] Ethan studied English Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz from 2004 to 2009, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing.[10] His paternal grandfather was film and television producer Leonard Katzman.[11] He has a mild form of Tourette syndrome that causes his eyebrows to noticeably twitch, something he commonly addresses in his videos.[12]
>Yes, you are.

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Jew can get fucked especially when he threw pewdiepie under the bus for the same shit he's done

No. All he does is expose how much of a manchild he is on a dogshit low effort podcast while his wife mutters “yea” 40 times an hour.

The podcast is so shitty and boring I can't believe it. His old videos made me laugh but now he's legitimately not funny to me.

>while his wife mutters “yea” 40 times an hour.

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Best bit he had in a long time was the Gatsby, I think it was a good move to hang out with comedians too. Think he could be an interesting nervous kinda standup if he lost a bit of ego

Everyone knows you can say nigger when idubbbz is in the room tho

not really, he's turned into an old stale jewish fart, much like Adam Sandler.

Hila always wants the show to wrap up.

Stopped being funny half a decade ago

he never was

>be Ethan
>say nigger multiple times on video
>pewdiepie says it out of frustration once
>"I can't believe he said that, even with the hard, r, like I can't defend that"*coughs and leans back in chair while my eyebrows spaz out*

>Is he still funny?
He's still a kike

I've been waiting for good things to come all the way back when they first said they where poor then moved to California, bought a house and a podcast studio which included a multi camera crew and furniture while they where poor and needed your money to fight a lawsuit.

but I still watch eveyr single one in hopes he comes back :(
Felix is pretty cool.

It feels like hes just doing it to sell merch and sine he doesnt want to work a regular job he puts out trash that nastalgic fans want to hold on to. Am I wrong?

No.He tries so fucking hard to be funny on shitty sellout podcast, so many fucking shitty sponsors and they also have an expensive clothing line, the design arnt that bad but overpriced

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Was he ever?
From what I've seen he's a wannabe Joe Rogan...
Maybe I missed when he peaked?

He was never funny. And what's up with that sperg hat wearing bitch of his?

Imagine defending pewdiepie, who the fuck says nigger out of frustration

Meh, but I thought it was funny when (((they))) called him a Nazi, after he talked about Dresden

>dubs, dubs, dubs
007 backwards.. ok
agent Downer's .. :D u
forgot all 'bout 'nigger guy'?

Too much focus on sjws and politics. I mean yeah, they're retarded, but when you spend every waking moment complaining about them in some effort to be against it all, you end up platforming what you hate, and their ideas. The best way to combat sjws is to ignore them, completely.

he was never funny

how this place has fallen

shut up nigger lover

I never found his videos funny

Dan is the best.