I wish I didn't have to die a hugless kissless virgin :(

I wish I didn't have to die a hugless kissless virgin :(

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you know what you have to do youre just too much of a coward to do it

Imagining thinking genetic ugliness and manletism could be cured.


Same prob. I’m 27 never kissed anyone

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I don’t know how old you are but sex really doesn’t matter that much, stop obsessing about it and quit watching porn and jerking off and you will do way better with women. Women are just people, quit viewing them as some sort of mount everest you have to climb to feel validated as a man.

Also some protips:
>women are mentally and physically inferior to men so cut them some slack for being cowards and hypocrites, they are literally just scaredy cats
>women like being treated mean, so don’t treat them like an idol, treat them like a good friend or a sister and tease them and have serious conversations with them. Open yourself up and they open up too
>don’t beat yourself up for failures, you’re only a loser if you quit

do what I say and listen to my words and after you are married you will laugh at how serious you thought such a trivial problem was

kek at marriage, you'll end up divorce-raped and broke in no time, or stuck in an unhappy marriage where you get cucked. its statistically guaranteed

Don’t be such a pussy user it’s not that hard to get a woman all you have to do is crack a couple jokes and talk to them like human beings

You have to know how to pick women, look at those same stats, non-virgin women are more likely to divorce and I guarantee you the same goes for women who drink alcohol, do drugs, have a poor diet...etc. If you marry an idiot expect your life to be hell, if you marry a wise woman, not by her looks but by her spirit, you will be satisfied by her. Marry a 10/10 trad QT and you won’t be disappointed.

You don’t find diamonds without looking for them

Casually tells you not to care about sex while simultaneously getting his cock sucked by some whore.


Look up the legends academy with ben alexander.

That shit will set you straight and fix your life.

This>stop obsessing about it and quit watching porn and jerking off and you will do way better with women

This is a bit of a myth.

Most people in this situation are just socially awkward in general, and don't put themselves out there. Telling them to stop jerking off isn't going to help them.

It takes some pretty fundamental changes for a lot of these people to improve their situation.

Hey faggot. Do MMA. Marry an MMA fighter woman. Have MMA babies. Stop being a fucking huge pussy. Either that or some other shit that makes you happy, but my only other advice would be to kill yourself.

Trads don't exist anymore. Do you know how hard it is to find a female virgin once you're over the age of 20?

They are all degen as fuck, they all drink and do drugs and fuck around. The rare unicorn that's smart and actually trad won't settle for some ugly Sup Forums nerd trying to looksmax, she will go for the ivy-league handsome-quiet guy.

>treat them like a good friend or a sister and tease them and have serious conversations with them. Open yourself up and they open up too

The reason it works is because you are psyching yourself out, you are so sure you are going to fail that you end up making it true by your own actions. Without faith you can do nothing. It’s the truth though. Sex is not that big of a deal. There are so many other things in life that are 1000x more important, like your job, your children, church, life goals. If sex becomes your purpose even if you fuck alot you are still a loser because sex alone will not fulfill you. Once you put your dick inside a pussy, if you weren’t happy before you won’t be happy after. You have to fix yourself because sex and women are not your issue. You have an issue of self hatred. Forgive yourself and move on, be yourself, and find a woman that is not terrible (both body and mind) and date her. Do you think there are no women that are lonely too? Find one of them and be lonely together. Or find one of those hot chicks that like shy guys, but if you try to be something your are not, they won’t see the real you and fall for the real you. If you don’t put yourself out there women have nothing to work with, women are to be led, lead them.

>It takes some pretty fundamental changes for a lot of these people to improve their situation.
I’m starting with baby steps I was in his shoes not to long ago and my biggest issue was hyping up sex because I was over stimulated by porn.

Porn and jerking off regularly (3-5x a week) make having a significant relationship nigh impossible because your brain’s reward centers are so fried that you don’t enjoy the company of real women anymore. If you stop that shit your brain can rebuild and even normal women put you in a good mood.

>Trads don't exist anymore.
wrong, trads are just not going to clubs or to the university, go to any Bible believing church and they will be there. Also online too

Not OP. But let's say I'm reading this advice as well. But it's hard to have faith in one's self after watching a family member die suddenly in front of them. Feeling guilty that you couldn't save them even though what happened was purely fatal. What do?

A lot of these dudes idolize women, especially lonely virgins, so instead of viewing women like they should, just normal people to have a relationship with who act like women, they view them like an impossible obstacle course with landmines that you have to navigate like that french dude in Oceans 12. I was giving him some practical advice for him, just treat women like your sister or friend and open up to them.

If you didn’t get the Ocean 12 reference I am referring to this:

Some things are out of your control, if you honestly could do nothing why torture yourself over it? I don’t know all the details but from what you tell me you say you had no fault in their death. Why fault yourself for their death?

Because she was my sister. I was her older brother. I was supposed to protect her.

When you have a serious conversation with them and open yourself up, you give them literally no incentive to fuck you to find out more about you. For their catbrains, the chase is now up

Love how I’m ignored



You can’t changed what happened, going over it in your head over and over will never change it. All you can do is move on. Whatever happened (tell me or don’t tell me, whatever you’re comfortable with (this is Sup Forums after all so I recommend not telling)) it wasn’t your fault period. If it was, I don’t know the situation and can’t say for sure whether or not it was, then carry that burden for the rest of your life. We all have regrets but you pick yourself up and keep moving.

I don’t know if I am helping, I have been through horrendous life experiences, but as the saying goes: the night is darkest before the dawn. Wait for better days and they will come

I am talking about serious relationships not pump and dumps, I have zero experience with that (thank God) talk to some other person concerning that

If you weren’t a stupid faggot who spammed a bunch of naked pictures of yourself here a couple years ago people wouldn’t ignore you. You are addicted to pity, your cure is being ignored

I never spammed naked pictures of myself wtf

someone did then, check the archives

If you are being serious (I hope you aren’t) some dude spammed your nudes all over Sup Forums in like 2016 I believe

did you used to be a little chubby by any chance?


You were making such good progress. Why did you come back? You were free.

No. I used to be a lot skinnier tho

Do you have a link to his nudes? I know this was the dude that was spammed here naked. I think he might of been catfished.

seepoor guy

I’ve always been here, lonely as I am.

Ok you’re a kissless virgin. What’s wrong with you? Are you a cunt? Are you awkward? What?

dude if they weren’t your nudes they looked exactly like you lol, your face was exactly the same as his. It was spammed 24/7 for like 3 months and every thread title was something gay like “Why don’t girls like me Sup Forums?” or “I have a small penis and I’m sad”.

Does this honestly not bother you in the least?

I’m shy, insecure, social anxiety but I think it would be easier to overcome all that if a person just showed a little interest in me.

I have a tiny weewee and I eat doodoo

Not really if it’s some chubby guy.... I ain’t chubby, never was. Can’t be me unless fake. My dicks fine lol...

>Do you have a link to his nudes?

I remember them but no, didn't save them. He wasn't catfished. Our friend is very unwell.

Me, you and your therapist know why you are lonely. Your coming here and posting isn't healthy for you. You should stop. I swear if you go back to your old ways I'm going to be pissed.

Get more sleep, get out in the sun more, eat organic/non-GMO foods, exercise, get a job, find something you can dedicate your life too.

Issues with women tend to be a just a symptom of a much larger problem in your life. Women can smell low-t beta from a mile away. Be confident, fake it till you make it.

I’ve already done/do all you said in the first sentence. Shit doesn’t work.

Ok, this dude was packing like 1 inch and it was the most cringe shit ever, he would shit up the catalogue like Jackson Pollock painting with his tiny dick and pathetic desperate thread titles.

Your going to end up spamming your threads again. Leave now before you end up in a negative posting feed back loop. You know how it upsets you.

I am also incel loser

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Nothing is healthy for me. Being in isolation with no social life sure isn’t healthy. If I’m not here I’m talking to fucking no one.

You see if you aren’t in a social place it’s not likely that a random girl would just take interest in you and try to talk to you. Some girls are really intrigued by the quiet boys and love to talk to and and understand them.

lul u wont have a problem kissing anyone, just stop being a candyass beta cuck and u will b fine

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>[x] doubt
If you are being honest then I’d say that you have some deep down issue that you are not settling. It’s all in your head mate, if the cringiest retard stupid fucks can find dumb women to be with them you can to, if you want a girlfriend and don’t have one it makes me think you preferring being alone.

Honestly, just go up and talk to women who are obviously weirdos, and they will help you build your confidence because they are always easy to talk to, use this as a stepping stone to normal women

Nobody cares about you pal.

I’m not your pal guy


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make his hands bigger and this would be a perfect ylyl pic

why not?


>tfw I somehow lucked into a girlfriend
>tfw I've had sex thousands of times
>tfw still feel unfulfilled and lonely

I got some intresting advice from this comments, i'm in The same situation as The op, but i'm much younger. Ppl in this thread really got a chance to a girl, much better than me at least.

This is the dirty secret incels never would accept. Fucking women would not make them happy.

There was a dude that was wrongfully imprisoned for 45 years who was well-liked in prison because he was always a positive and cheerful person. He was ecstatic when his conviction was finally overturned, for a few weeks. After that, he went right back to being about as happy as he was in prison. The point being, people's disposition is much more about what's in their nature than what their circumstances are. Incels are typically people who are just miserable in general. They could be billionaires that were drowning in pussy and they'd still hate life, because that's their nature. They'd still whine about how unfair the world is because that's just their mindset.

nice neck

Female companionship is overrated. Get a hooker not a girlfriend. Cheers.

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Im ugly and fuck all the time Also i got a 5,5 incher

Here are the steps to get on track fag. It will cost some money, but think of it as University of getting laid and a quality life.

>1. Get yourself in order
>Eat healthy
>work out
>Be clean shower daily
>groom yourself properly: Face, chest, armpits and your dick.Armpits and chest means cut it shorter not complete bare as a faggot. Women like hair but not wildgrowth
>wear nice and clean clothes(ask women in the store for advice on how to dress)
>Have a clean house every time you leave. Have refreshment ready for a guest always: Wine, water(sparkling) etc
Always be ready to take a girl home to your place

>2. Get a good job and direction in live
>Have a clear purpose
>work towards that purpose
>have the purpose be fullfilling

>3. Get over the fear of sex
>Hire a quality escort(models, doctors, students) (in europe this is easy) for multiple 3 hour sessions with multiple of different girls at least 10 different girls. This will cost you 10K. You will have kissed, hugged and fucked 10 different high quality women. After this, sex with a woman will not be an issue, you will have experience of different women and what each girl likes and don't. You will know how to read body language more easy.
>Ask the prostitutes what they like when you finger them and fuck them.

You are afraid of touching and or insecure about how she would react etc. This will fix that

>3. Attitude
>always be positive
>never be butt hurt
>Read self help books on how to deal with women
>Never fear rejection
>never fear her reaction
>don't be awkward

Positivity is attractive

>4. Dating
> Make good quality pictures of yourself
> Make profiles on Tinder, Bumble, Happn with confident pics.
> Ask girls out at different locations

You need to interact and start getting the woman you want

Life is easy mode after this faggot, all you have to do is step through the door and take charge.

> I wish I didn't have to die a hugless kissless virgin :(
You don’t. It’s up to you. Get out of this echo chamber full of bullshit and go out into the world and learn about people, learn about women. Identify your own needs and start looking for someone who can fulfill them. Talk to people with your mouth, not here. Go on dating apps. Strike out a lot. Learn every time. Hone your approach. Don’t be creepy. Be funny. Don’t be creepy. Be interesting. Be interested. Listen. Do all this shit and you’ll find a girl to hug and kiss. Long way to go before you fuck one, but it’ll happen eventually if you keep at it.

I used to be like you OP but now I have for the past 5 years

- Fucked 40+ women
- Six figure salary
- Own and Drive a 100K car
- More than half a million in assets
- Bought an amazing apartment in a world class city
- a good relationship.

Try harder then retard.