An old "Friend" owes me money for drug and won't pay me back. Why does he have to be an asshole about it?

An old "Friend" owes me money for drug and won't pay me back. Why does he have to be an asshole about it?

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It’s $180 who fucking cares?


you need to go and fuck this kid up.

I don't really care. I just don't know why he's such a dick about it.

its cause youre a little bitch

How long ago? Greentext the situation.

Wouldn't expect it back, just forget bout it and move on nigger

You're not wrong. I ain't fronting shit anymore, small price to pay for a lesson learned

Just key the fuck out of his car, or better yet, bust his windshield and put sugar in his gas tank. That'll cover $180 and then some. Paybacks a bitch.

he's a nigger. literally and figuratively. you need to whoop his ass. it's the only way he's gonna respect you. or at least pull up on him.

Why the fuck would you ask so pathetically?! Of course he's going to rip you the fuck off

110% this. Knock the teeth out this punk ass bitch. You sell then don't be a fucking pussy

maybe he'll give you $5 if you suck his dick

you need to physically hurt him or shut up about it there is no in between

lol someone who I considered a best friend owes me 300 for actual work I did with him and literally just cut me off and doesn't respond to anything
but he's the first person to bitch about even being paid late and prides himself on being a man of his word
people are shitty

Don't give nigger or nigger like people money. That's your fault for being a stupid fuck. Having friends that will lend you money is a privilege, not a right.

That's been on my mind. He bounced off to Oregon, works trimming weeds, I wouldn't know how to track him (I don't think it's worth the effort). He's a bit perma-fried

You need to delete this thread, delete those texts and go bash this dude's head in with a brick.

Is he black? The hand in the pic is black but in his profile pic he looks white.

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is this how it feels to be american?

Phone numbers can often be used to trace individuals. Just sayin. Lots of public record sites out there.

Well I sympathize. I got taken for some money in high school by an older dude and couldn't do shit at the time. He's lucky he moved, or he would be sucking my 9mm like a dick before I beat the shit out of him.

I don't know how to greentext
-lived in socal
-he has a crazy girlfriend with 2 kids
-she leeches off him because he himself is a total pushover
-some guys went to his place and beat him in the head with a gun because of some drama
-gf continues to leech off him

just go put some lead in his dome, jesus, stop being such a little bitch.

-his car got set on fire
-it was probably his gf
-lanlord got mad and evicted him
-he was going to pay me back after a "tv appearance" some judge Judy shit idk
-hes showing off his money on insta and ignoring me
-too late for me to do anything because he's up north

Based. If you don't kick his ass, you're gonna get rolled over by all your addict buyers. Man up or give some homeless drugs to do it for you

Small claims court. Don't even have to go through with it just threaten the bitch

He's super white, his insta is in the first image


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It sounds like your "friend" is an idiot loser with no future and is going to end up just losing all his money anyway. Just let it go. It's like those guys that win the lottery and end up in worse shape than before, except your friend is going to fuck up his life on such a pathetic amount of money it's actually funny. I say do nothing and then call him in a month to make fun of him for how shit his life is.

he sounds like a stupid annoying "moral highground" nigger

If only I could find his ass.

If someone i know would treat me like this id bash his head in. Damn i would even do that for you.

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That's how it'll turn out I suppose. Pisses me off how he's laughing about it, never met such a piece of shit

You should have opened with asking to borrow $180. He would have thought he was being an altruistic bigshot and probably just given it to you.

Thanks for the empathy boys, lesson learned on me, hope this doesn't happen to any of you.

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Lol imagine being this pathetic. There was this old guy who owed my mom cash, he went to her store and always took a bag full of vegetables and would tell her to put it on his tab. He did this for an entire month at least once a week. He told her he'd pay as soon as his son sent him money on the 15th of the next month. Sure enough the day arrived and he didn't show up. My mom saw him coming out of another store with a bag full of vegetables. A couple weeks later when i went to visit her, she told me what was going on. I went to the old fucks house and he was sitting on the floor eating a melon and i kicked down the wall of his shanty house and took his fucking front door lol. Told him to give my mom her money and 3 days later he showed up with the cash.

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this :/
id kill someone over $180

I'm pretty sure most people think you're the guy on the left on the comments, you both seem pretty shitty and dumb, you probably deserve eachoter.

Been asking him for a while before this message, he kept ignoring me

I would go and hurt the guy. Cant show people that you are a bitch.

Are you the same guy that daily posts abiut being stuck in the city for being in probation?

That's me I'm op, that's his backstory

Op here Epic on you. I wish I could teach this piece of shit a lesson

>posting male-male drama over drugs on Sup Forums
you kids are so fucking gay and stupid it isn't even funny anymore

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Yeah we are. can you help me get my chump change back

How? Gun beats fists. Every. Single. Time.

if you never been to a niggas house and you give him money then you're just asking for it to disappear, sorry but you got played, son.

Dude just beat his ass

plant drugs on him (without him knowing obv.) and call the police

im not reading through all this what sorta drugs also if you want your money ya gotta go get it and stop being a bitch. hes such an asshole about it cause he knows you're not gonna do shit.

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You aren't shooting anybody, user. I doubt you'd even win in a fist fight to begin with.

Sue him in court, If you loaned him money. Bitch probably won't even show up and you'll get a default judgement.

Or grab a baseball bat, glove and ball and throw it in your car. Break one of his limbs. He can keep the money for the hospital bill.

>Sue him for the drug money
user are you fucking retarded?

If he loaned him money, it doesn't matter what he spent it on. A loan is a loan. The other person would be a fucking idiot to bring up drugs in court. Chances are it might even scare him to giving him the money before a court date.

If you don't get the money before exchanging goods and services, you're the biggest sucka the world has ever seen.
The only way you're getting you're money back now is to do something to this cunt, and that has consequences of its own.
Learn from this, or better yet, get a fucking job or start your own legitimate business, you criminal nigger.

Get some magnesium, rust dust and aluminum powder mix with magnesium at the top like a bithday cake into a can or something, light with torch, thermite his car either the engine block or over the gas tank, do this at the dead of night and go incognito watch for cameras

Man up or shut up, faggot.

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watch this, get him out of your life. he's not a friend.
"the bronx tale"

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