Sexy Asian for bait. 18 and I want to kill myself. I’ll gladly stream it...

Sexy Asian for bait. 18 and I want to kill myself. I’ll gladly stream it. No access to firearms and I want it to be fast and as painless as possible. Suggestions?

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Yeah I've got one, please don't do it ,user

Get a knife and run at a cop

Fuck off, fagget, she can do a sexy cam show/suicide stream. That would really get the views rolling in.

Tf you on about? Go work out and fucking punch something kid. Fucking idiot. Suicide is for ugly stupid faggot retard spastic cunts. Dont be that guy.

Nvm, my dick got hard and I didn't realize that this was for the b8 m8, sorry.

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I mean I am an ugly faggot so.

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steam it on dlive and ill come up with a painless way for you to an hero

Where do you live and what do you have to an hero op

Brother man, you're not bad looking. You are literally a normal, if not above average looking dude. What makes ya want to kill yourself other then looks?

Shut the fuck up and let the man do it faggot

No you’re not cunt. You’re just a scrawny out of shape fuck whose too stupid to get a haircut, shave, eat three meals a day, go outside, workout, and socialize. Do what im telling you. Look up Zyzz. Thats whats basically been happening to me, except no roids. Stop being a pussy. Do it. You know you can. Otherwise you’re a fucking jewish nigger, and we dont want that do we?

Get raped by a niggeraids dick this faggot has the potential to be a chad you fucking fatass.

Ohio. I also don’t know. I mean I could cut myself and bleed obviously but that would be mega painful. No access to firearms. Um. Idk I could buy apples and make cyanide but I heard that’s mega painful too.

> (You)
>Shut the fuck up and let the man do it faggot
Silence nigger. I genuinely want to know why he wants to off himself.

Are you in the 440 area? I might be able to help you out fren

OP im going to fucking sleep I trained way too hard today and gotta be up in five hours. If you kill yourself im gonna be severely disappointed in you, and will find you in hell after a lifetime of training in muay thai and jiu jitsu and literally beat the shit out of you for all of fucking eternity. Dont do it. Become a chad. You can do it pussy boy, I have the ultimate faith in you. Peace!

Drink some alcohol alot
>walk on freeway

For you I suggest removing the cock from your mouth.

Buy some opiates take them
>relax so hard you dont come out

Nice dubs also
What do you mean

Bro before you decide to go through with it please shave and get contacts and ditch the lanyard, you will see that chad status is entirely within reach

listen buddy do you have money? if so buy a helium tank and a CPAP mask easy enough installation and once its on youll feel the most intense high (apparently obviously i dont know but according to how helium isnt really detected like co2 or other gases and os usually seen by the brain as a weird type of oxygen) if not then just slice your wrists, if not that way then like hang yourself or you could try snapping your own neck although idk about the logistics of that last one.

>bleeding out on cold cement for over 2 minutes is fast
Ok, retard

Free healthcare is available to US citizens through some programs. Mental health care's often fully covered- it is for me. Consider it before offing yourself.

I think going in a walmart and taking all the bleach and ammonia and mix all that shit in to every bathroom stall and locking the door would be fucking awesome way to die

Loneliness and fear for my future career is mainly it. I have a bad chest deformity that’s also affecting my lungs now. I worry so much about if I’m gonna have a good job or anything in the future. But the main shit is loneliness. I’m also bi and a closeted tranny but loneliness takes the cake.
I don’t want to be a beefcake. I wanna be a cute girl.

I’m a dirty phone and I can’t scroll up to add more on why I wanna die. No matter what I do I’m always lonely and the Hong I hate the most is I’m told that I’m normal or funny and hot by some people but no one wants anything from me. I’ll go on a date. She’s like you’re cute. We’ll talk for a few days and she ups and blocks me. So many times.

330. Eastern Ohio like by Cleveland.

Cars don't magically kill you in an instant. Both cars and trains are notoriously poor suicide methods that leave you in extended agony before death.

Hey man if you want a friend and a fuck buddy im here for you man im over by middleburg

I went to a suicide ward like a year ago and it was actually a fun time. I met a lot of people that were really cool and played the same online games I did and listened to the same rappers. I really don’t want to put my parents through that again. Atleast if I die this time I won’t see them cry.

Middleburg. That’s like a 20 or 30 minute drive lmao.

Well if you drop a discord man ill show you how to live life without a care in the world

Kenosha Kid#8566
I mean living without cares would be cool.

Imagine begging for sympathy on Sup Forums lmao

Literally what other anons are saying. Shave, get a new haircut & start lifting maybe. You look better than 80% of Sup Forums users. Damn, I'll even fuck you

Get smaller glasses as well. Silver framed. You're not harry potter you little faggot. If you want to be regarded as an adult, dress like one. Perhaps you millennial faggots thought this was cute in middle school, but grown women don't like boys.