My girlfriend wants to marry. I want to marry too. But she says she wants to keep her last name legally...

My girlfriend wants to marry. I want to marry too. But she says she wants to keep her last name legally. What does Sup Forums think about that? Should I care? Should I dump her?

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If she's hot and a keeper why the fuck would last names matter?

Do you have a really stupid last name?

you're a faggot if you care about last names

While you two are breaking traditions like that, just dont get fucking married. Its a scam. If you truly love each other, getting married means nothing.

You could always ask to hyphenate. If probably leave her, but I also hate women so it may not be the best advice. I really can't say, friend. Best of luck

who fucking cares about something so superficial if you actually love her
if you're considering dumping her over this then you probably should just do that

Probably just doesn't want to go through the bullshit of changing her name on everything and changing it back after the inevitable divorce. Just let her keep it, who gives a fuck.

Don't want to sound like a faggot, but it's kind of important to me just because I feel like it should be. Leaving her is not likely, and for her it's just a simple decision. Is it asking too much to just do it as 99% of people do it?

If she doesn't take your surname, marriage and family mean nothing to her. Either that or she comes from far wealther and prestigious family than you. If that's the case, you should take her surname.

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> " but it's kind of important to me just because I feel like it should be."

>op is retard

your justification is that other people do it? you're pathetic. again, leave her if you're that hung up on something so meaningless

Just get her to agree that whenever you get kids together atleast the kids will have your name

You’re fucking retarded and you’re not ready for commitment if you’re this emotional over something so trivial and meaningless. Fuck your name. What do you love more, your name or your girl?

And 50% of those people regret it and divorce, its stupid

My justification isn't necessarily that other people do it. I just find an issue that she wants to do something that others never even have to consider. Clearly, something must be wrong.

What do you mean "should you care?" Why would any of us give a fuck about that. If you don't care, then there's no problem. If you do, then hyphenate your names.

Dump her she doesn't respect you

she's allowed to do what she wants
you just sound insecure
if you think something is wrong then talk to her
you're not listening to anything anyone is saying here anyway

Okay, I admit I sound like a fucking sensitive bitch. Case closed. I really respect all your opinions. Hyphenated seems the way to go.

Or, maybe she likes to think for herself. Does that sound good to you? If you're considering marriage then it should be something you already knew about her, already took into consideration, and already decided is good, or at least not a deal breaker. And if you didn't do all 3 of those things already, then you're a retard and you should definitely be reconsidering marriage.

Never submit to a women. Tell her it’s my last name or no wedding, and if she throws a hissy fit and walks out threatening to end the relationship say okay see ya and don’t contact her. She will come asking for you back in two weeks then she’ll accept your demands and respect you more, simple as that, women are basically naturally retarded and backwards

id settle for taking her last name if she was sure she didn't want to have mine if she gave me a good enough reason for keeping her last name.
otherwise it'll be my name or nothing.
luckily for me, my last name is short and sounds good with almost all the names of women i know. ive even had exes tell me that they'd marry me for just my last name. so j don't think ill be as unlucky as op

Well, how can you pick and choose what you define as "marriage?" She wants a classic diamond ring, big ass wedding, engagement photos (what a joke), BUT she wants to keep her last name. Picking and choosing. Makes no sense to me, really.

dude give it a fucking rest and make up your mind for yourself

Don't marry, bitch will ruin your life. Getting married cedes all your personhood to the woman, always. Just. Don't. Do. It. ever.

Marriage is a piece of paper that says you're married. You get certain legal privileges that come with it. EVERYTHING else is optional. As long as both people agree to it, you can totally pick and choose whatever the fuck you want. If you can't abide, then walk.

Resurrect the Saxon tradition of matrilineal and patrilineal names.