Do men not want to wife a virgin or not? btards love calling me stupid for saving it

Do men not want to wife a virgin or not? btards love calling me stupid for saving it.

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Bullshit. You're not stupid. The right partner will prize you, your choice, and your family for it.
Do not fall for the group think.

They do want virgins

No trust me when I say
It's worth the wait
Waited a long time and gave it to someone I now hate
Wish I could go back on it all
It's better

imagine marrying a girl then having sex for the first time and the sex is awful

It doesn't matter if shes virgin or not, as long as she loves you. (Yes that sounds pretty fag, but it's true)

Not true, a virgin is preferable, but not obligatory or a priority, but no matter how pretty a girl is, if she had a cock carousel in her past I won't date her, 100% there might be something wrong with her.

You should keep it for when you're deep into the relationship, when you trust him to share everything about your personality, your past, your ideas/interests, and plans to the future, 4 years plus of relationship, minimum.

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My thought was that if a girl values her virginity as much as you do and isn't doing it just for pleasures, then giving it to you means a big deal to her, it's special to her and you're special to her

do you hold the same standards for men?
should both parties be virgins?

No hymen no diamond.

good men want a virgin wife, foolish men want a used up wife

Save it till marriage, women who are virgins going into marriage are statistically less likely to get divorced or be dissatisfied in marriage.

Also, this is key, marry a husband who is a virgin also. I know you are a woman who wants a dude who is perceived as a stud, but the sword cuts both ways, a dude who is not a virgin going into marriage is more likely to get divorced and to be dissatisfied in marriage.

This is not a joke, do you want to be happy or miserable? If happy, then stay a virgin till marriage, you’ll suffer now but it will be worth it

i was taking vcards at 13 yr old - mid 30s, now im a Vcel and do whatever i want. so good luck

or just don't get married and it doesn't matter faggot

> Do men not want to wife a virgin or not?
Literally not a single guy who doesn’t prize his reddit karma cares.

im not sure what most guys prefer, but my guess is that men prefer a woman to have a little experience, so like lets say 5-10 cocks, depending on age, roughly 1 per year after age 15

a woman that is a virgin can be perceived as more prudish, wont understand how to pleasure herself or the cock without due training and experience, and there are other unknowns just like someone with no experience in relationships, she will be learning likes/dislikes as you go

a woman with too much experience, lets say an average of 3-4+ guys per year or 20+ total, can be seen as having lower standards, looser morals, and does not value the love component of sex, even though she may physically be gifted with amazing sex, she may have problems with long term intimacy

what guys often want is the pure woman, that somehow is also a whore but only for them and its only that man who brings it out of them, and she lacks any experience yet instinctively has the sexual prowess of a pornstar. since this is just a fantasy, to be more realistic, i think guys want a woman that knows what she likes, knows how to get him off with maybe a few extra tricks, but has as few partners as possible

>don’t raise a family and be happy
sounds like a great life plan

>im not sure what most guys prefer, but my guess is that men prefer a woman to have a little experience

As far as fucking girls (girls you fuck then forget) dudes want experience because that is all those women are good for, but for wives men want zero sexual partners. Zero. Any other opinion is naive. No sane dude wants to start a family with a woman who can’t even control her body

I know this is a wild concept but not everyone wants to start a family

so men should abstain from sex until marriage right? don't wanna be hypocritical here right?

>no sane dude wants to start a family

Don't have to be, but yes if both parties withhold for someone special then if they give then both obviously special?

Good sex is about intuition, eagerness, willingness to learn, adaptability and bodily communication.

This, user

Go back, fucking Redditard.

if it's mutual I totally get it, but most posters itt seem very one sided and place a value on female virginity with no comment on male virginity
to each their own but I'm not big on double standards
idk about you but the first time I had sex was nowhere near as good as the last time I had sex. wonder if it had anything to do with my partner and me being more experienced the last time... nahh couldn't be

I don't know if i have a preference either way but by far my best relationship was with a virgin. Broke up because i was anti kids then. Regret the fuck out of that choice because now I do and haven't found anyone as good since

> Go back, fucking Redditard.
>be me
>criticize Reddit
>be you
>mother drinks while pregnant
>never learns to read
>sees word “Reddit”
>sperg rage ensues
It’s ok, buddy.

So much weird and awkward autism in this thread. You guys just make everything weird. A man wants to marry a good loving woman. That's all. If your marrying a girl for her virginity, then you've got some weird control and insecurity issues going on and lets face it, you just want her pussy. Couldn't care about the woman attached to it.

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The thing about virgins is that they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing, so you gotta show them a lot of shit and make sure they don’t feel weird about normal stuff. I’ve never had this happen, but I’ve heard that some of them freak the fuck out and refuse to try again for months or years. You wanna deal with that shit on your fucking wedding night? You wanna eat pussy for 45 minutes while she “relaxes?” You wanna have a chick deal with cum for the first time? On your wedding night? Really?

Men who value virginity are either emotionless psychopaths who see people as literal meat or closet pedophiles afraid of the outside world.

Men who want to get married for love and sex are hopelessly romantic and your naive ass will be in for a painful awakening when they “fall in love” with someone else.

Marriage is a business decision for building families, securing property, and growing wealth. Your pussy barely factors in.

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well you quote my first line but seemingly ignore my 4th line, and it just shows what i was saying, and you arent being realistic living in a fantasy world

i mean what do you really want? only sex to have children, missionary position, nothing else? or do you want a woman that says "feed me cum daddy" because she knows it gets you off, and sometimes you get anal after she has a couple glasses of wine

i think most men want a woman that is willing to explore sexuality and has an open mind, also some sexual competence is useful, but in order to have those things she needs some experience

so you cant have madonna and the whore, you either pick one or come to the real world and find a girl that is under whatever cock odometer you have set

Save it up for a person you really love and you're somewhat certain he loves you. I value monogamy and I do value purity of intention, if you had serious relationships and they failed for things out of your control no serious minded person could ever fault you for that.
People that see only black and white are not worth your time.

its not hypocritical to look at sex for men and women as different

you cant be a fat ugly poor man with a shitty personality who doesnt try, and still get laid

but theres plenty of fat ugly whores getting fucked

I'd prefer someone with experience, virginity isnt attractive to me any more at the age of 25

lol yes it is hypocritical
we aren't just talking about fat ugly retards

well we are

a fat ugly woman whos say a 3/10 can still easily get fucked by up to 5/10 guys and sometimes 7/10

a 3/10 guy without personality will never, never fuck a 7/10 woman that still alive

you think its hypocritical but you arent comparing apples/apples, its a mixture of biology and culture, biology tells males to mate and impregnate as many as possible and it tells women to find a suitable provider for offspring to latch on, culture furthers this and you are against the cultural view because patriarchy or some shit?

idk either way youre a fucking idiot that doesnt understand the sexes value things differently

Save it for someone special but not for marriage. Marriage is a huge commitment in this day and age and the vast majority of men will not have the patience to date for years without sex when it's plenty available elsewhere.

I mean you're talking about fat ugly retards but I'm not
I understand there are differences between the sexes but they're not quite as relevant now as they were before we lived the way we do now

Hello guys OP here al your answers are very interesting and helpful. I am a very sexual person and when I do find the person I want to be with forever I don’t want to be disappointed.

>Little experience
>Proceeds to describe a slut that takes a cock carousel since she was underage

Kys retarded slut, every hole in your body might be rotten already.

So go experiment and have fun. The only thing holding you back is you.

Are you really asking for sex advice on b of all places

Sieg dubs of Heil truth

You think losing a girl popping her cherry is abnormal and a slightly high body count is alarming?

Chicks must love you, man. Tell us some stories. Oh wait, you never kissed a girl until your mail order Filipino bride showed up. Hope you’re happy.

im talking about lizard brain shit, in another 1000 years humans are still hard wired to think this way

im ok with with progressing society, but its foolish to not understand how and why we are this way

women are slut shamed more than they should be, but men want to get laid more than they do too

>incel: the thread edition

according to the math i did above, and you meet a 25 yo girl, if she has fucked 10 guys, youre saying thats too much?

i mean honestly i can be insecure about that kind of stuff but logically she has held back quite a bit to only have 10 partners in 10 years, the restraint shows control and that she values sex as more than just physical

so im not sure if you are really just that insecure about it, or its some pseudo puritanical belief system, but you are without a doubt a dumb fucking retard

If the boy has standards he must be an incel amirite roasties?

I'd never settle for anything less.

Nigger that's 10 failed relationships. I don't date people that don't consider sex a part of a relationship an intimate act and just fuck whoever they want.
10 fuckups and I'm not going to even try to get into a relationship with such a person.

No, you're just a slut, my girlfriend had only 2 guys before me, and I've dated only 1 girl before, we've been together for 5 years and we're going pretty strong, shame your kind thinks having standards is a signal of insecurity, if anyone change partners every year they 100% must have some problem themselves, your mind is poisoned, seek help weirdo.

It’s more that you’re just being a delusion teenager that doesn’t really understand that what he wants is basically unobtainable in his current form.

fair, I can agree with you
I guess I'm speaking more from my perspective while trying to ignore the fact that most people act pretty instinctually
but you make good points that I can generally agree with, just not personally

I love this you accuse him of being an incel for having that kind of a standard literally he's living his standard and expects the same. Such an impossible thing to want to look for a person he shares opinion with right ? It's his right.

You're like the famalam version of
>Muh dik
That assuming you're not some discord tranny freak, kek.

ITT: roasties coping.

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>Do men not want to wife a virgin or not? btards love calling me stupid for saving it.

Nobody wants to fucking teach their spouse how to have sex on the wedding night. Jesus Christ.

lol you sound like someone that has been in 1 failed relationship and none since, im sorry you got hurt

Speak for yourself retard, that would be pretty cute.

>Dude says something perfectly reasonable
>Im sorry you got hurt
Lmao, why don't you retards make new baits? Ik you're some brainless consumer, but it really isn't hard at all.

No. I just don't date people that don't value sex as much as I do. I don't mind if a woman has multiple relationships or sexual partners if her mind is in the right place, as in prostitution out of poverty which is frequent in my country. But having like failed relationships and one night flings isn't my thing and I simply wouldn't date people that are into that.
But people can do whatever they want, I won't judge, but in terms of finding a partner then I'm allowed to judge.

The almost incel thread... Otherwise know as the Christian homeschooled thread..

I'm an agnostic, was raised christian though, and I don't like their methods regarding relationships at all.

if you and your SO communicate well it doesnt really matter. If neither of you have experience you get to learn what you like together. if you are with a duche he may get jealous if you have been with men before. he will wonder if hes good enough.

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so youre mid 20s? thats fine at that age that fits what i was saying

the 10 in 10 years is an average, could be 3 in 1 year, then 3 years of just 1 guy, sometimes you have a date a few people to see how things work, and imo you dont really know someone until that 1 year mark when people let go and their true self comes out

having standards is fine, but not everyone finds their life partner at 20 with only a high school relationship prior, youre not being realistic, the average age people are getting married the first time is 28, youre saying at 28 people can only have 1 maybe 2 partners prior? fuck off you amish dildont

>prostitution out of poverty which is frequent in my country

Anyone got discord link??

I'd rather not reveal. But I've seen plenty of girls just do it because their parents are druggies and they have to take care of their siblings. It's disgusting but I would never shun a woman for doing things like that out of a relationship with me.
Same with failed relationships, I don't see how you can hate someone for not staying with an abuser or a cheater.
I'm not for casual sex as I've stated and I do value virginity in a way of restraint. But I would never hate people that have gone through shit I didn't have to.

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>Using the average person as a basis
Kek, do I really need to explain that one? That's how you'll lead a very, very sad life bro.

>you dont really know someone until that 1 year mark when people let go and their true self comes out
Fuck no, that's why you get to know the person before fucking him, but I guess that's weird right?

Listen, I don't care if girls fuck a thousand guys a day, but it's really fucking annoying when autistics tell me having standards make me a bad person, have a good night.

I took my girlfriends virginity last week and it was pretty good. We do want to get married at some point, but theres also things no one talks about with her losing her virginity. You always kinda worry that she'll get bored and want to try other dick because 1: Shes only had yours
And 2: even girls who are kinda ulgy or fat get dick pics and shit like that thrown in their inbox constantly. Pussy has been on a pedestal since the dawn of man. Women are fickle, and no matter how perfect this seems I have my guard up and won't be surprised just pissed. Its not as good as its cracked up to be. You break into her, and its 50/50 she leaves you for someone else soon.

thats fine and i dont either, but every relationship is a failure until the final one, i think thats just 1 metric to look at you brought up as some kind of universal key

you are allowed to judge on what your criteria for a suitable mate is, thats what everyone does to see how it meets their standards, and some even settle for most or just below standards, my point is really just that its more complicated that the # of dicks, or past relationships, a woman with 2 previous partners could have been a 5 and 3 year relationship and she had more sex in 8 years, than another woman with 5 partners only having dated each 5 a total of 2 years

i just gave an average to use as an estimation tool, for example guys would be shocked if a 19yo girl said shes been with 20 guys and thats maybe too much, but if youre in your 40s and shes 39 with 20 guys well thats a lot more understandable, it might be too many for you, but from a logical standpoint the # of cock is the same but situation is different

Why you'd rather not reveal where you live? Unless it is NK or China where you would be sent to gulag, there's no problem in saying where you live, I live in Brazil, and I've gotta say, half of the time people are pretty trashy over here.
Your english is very good, I'm assuming your country doesn't speak English in general, so that only means you're an overachiever, you should be proud of that.
Not trying to force you into saying where you live or anything, but you know, forcing you into saying where you live.

That life crisis is going to hit you pretty hard.

Dude I never said I measure women by the amount of sex they had. I measure with partner switches and commitment to see if such a person could be as commited as I.
Different people I count as one night stands or failed relationships, I do not mind women that have been through a lot with their partners. Mind you I like inexperienced women as I am not very experienced myself. I'd like to explore my sexuality with a woman that is sorta on an equal standing as me. I think most of these incels seek the same thing. Though yeah many do hate women, I can't deny that.

Ah no it's because countrymen like to jump in most of the time and defend our great country while they live from nepotism. Southeastern europe is as far as I'm gonna say.

Where did it all go wrong?
Where did the "a relationship is based on learning, trusting and loving each other"?
Now apparently there's a minimum required of people you had sex with so you can learn from the past.
You need to have sex to start the relationship.
And sex is the same as love.
WTF, I feel really bad for anyone born after the 90s now.

>you must think think something is wrong with the western views on sex because patriarchy
muh soggy knees

you really dont offer any good counters

>Kek, do I really need to explain that one? That's how you'll lead a very, very sad life bro.
that was just a rough math calculation of what my opinion of what guys are looking for in a women and her # of partners, you can deny or say its wrong, but you really dont offer your opinion or insight on it

>Fuck no, that's why you get to know the person before fucking him, but I guess that's weird right?
everyone has their guard up when they meet someone new, have you never prepared for a "first impression"? in a partner or even roommate situation, you can see a big difference after time of knowing someone, i just put 1 year because in my 2 long term relationships (3 years and 1 year) at the 1 year mark is when i saw a much more complete view of someones personality, also same thing when i had roommates, small things that didnt annoy you at first now do, you find yourself arguing about something you never did before

>Listen, I don't care if girls fuck a thousand guys a day, but it's really fucking annoying when autistics tell me having standards make me a bad person, have a good night.
having standards is absolutely normal, no one said youre a bad person, youre just projecting your ideas onto us and not providing much insight into answering the actual questions, just these vague strict laws: a girl can only have 2 partners, or you shouldnt date someone unless they are the one, like how the fuck can you even know that, you have to date to get to know someone, sex is part of that, the older you get, you either get a long term that turns into marriage, or you keep dating to get the right person

It varies from person to person. My girlfriend had partners before me, and I don't really care since I'm just happy to have a GF.

>in his current form
>which I know about somehow
Guys leave the thread, we got the NSA in here



psychopaths are H O T
Guess you convinced me to stay a virgin.

If you're not a virgin, you don't get to expect a virgin.

Everyones gonna ignore this?

yeah theres not much to it, but ill reply

kinda depends on age, but if she waited for you she will want to experiment and experience with you for a long time before wanting another dick, and cheating is another topic entirely than being curious about more dick

pussy is absolutely on a pedastel, they control the supply, men for the most part control marriage, which is often their goal, thats why you have women who fuck a lot of dudes get frustrated because they have a perceived lower value by the guys looking for a wife, and the guys ok with casual sex are frustrated because they arent getting enough and keep finding women that want a relationship that leads to marriage

Only if the guy is also a virgin. It's just having similar standards. It says something about your personality. You wouldn't wanna date a virgin as a non-virgin since your mentalities may be incompatible for a stable relationship. It creates small patterns that expand into bigger ones which defines a person.

However people seem to get stuck with wanting the best trophy they can get instead of actually developing a relationship. They don't understand what they want and fall for whatever peer pressured mentality they have around, based on friends and family. It's like they don't have independent minds that can develop opinions.

So they're all on a hunt for the best prize they can find to bring home, while some try to be the best prize others can hunt for.

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I don't care if shes a virginn. Anyway I would not take a used up whore. Theres a pretty wide spectrum in between.

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Only the religious and mentally ill (often one and the same) want virgins. I've fucked a virgin and it was the most boring awkward sex I've ever had.

Sex is so important to a healthy relationship, why the fuck would anybody want a completely inexperienced woman in bed?

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Because some people enjoy teaching and experimenting with partner finding each other's kinks. That's mostly why. And growth together is part of a relationship.

You can absolutely do all that with someone who's had sex before. What kind of mental illness do you have?

I really love that. None and if you followed this thread some of us people are pretty reasonable regards to this.
So you can take your armchair psychologist bullshit and shove it up your ass.
I'm inexperienced in sex and I want someone equal to my level to experiment with.
There is literally nothing wrong with that.

Ok, well good luck with that while the rest of us enjoy sex.

Enjoy it all you want man, I'm for free love.

Of course they do, but sexual competition incentivized people to bullshit about it. If women felt that they were less desirable to future partners for having fucked Chad, they would be less likely to fuck Chad. Chad naturally doesn't want this, since he wants to fuck all the women, so it is in the interest of Chad to try convince the betas to be fine with being settled for by his leftovers, as this makes women more comfortable fucking him. Women likewise, want to fuck Chad, but also want the commitment and resources of a beta later in life. It is thus also in the interest of women to try to convince the betas to be fine with being settled for by them after having spent their youth fucking Chad.

The mistake people make is to view conflicts of interest between genders as male vs female, when in reality, it's much closer to beta vs alpha + female. The interests of alpha males and women basically always align, as the alpha wants to fuck almost all women, and almost all women want to fuck him. Alpha males are in some sense "female" when it comes to gender politics.

People still need to be able to relate to one another, and sex is extremely identity defining. A woman who has has never known loneliness is going to be difficult to relate to for a man who has known nothing but it. There is also the "contractual", for lack of a better term, aspect to a relationship. All men except Chad start out worthless and must earn their sexual value. All women start out with high sexual value and lose it over time. "Traditional" relationships ensured that neither party had to endure their period of worthlessness alone. The woman gives her more valuable youth to the man when he is low, and the man gives his more valuable later years to the woman when she is low. Without this, the man endures worthlessness alone, and then gives away whatever value he is able to accrue, effectively leading a life of absolute selflessness, meanwhite the woman uses her period of high value for self indulgence, and has the man provide for her when she would otherwise be worthless, effectively leading a life of absolute selfishness. This is extremely unequal, and on a level that absolutely transcends the manner in which the
>It's unfair because women like men who fuck loads of women, but men don't like women who fuck loads of men
reasoning implies "inequality".

Really don't care any much, really a stupid thing to get hung up on

I want a wife with higher education, an income similar to mine, and without even the slightest amount of debt (or STD's)
anything else is and always has been serfdom for the male

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you sound like a mass shooter. please get help.