US user, why do your American antifas and lefties are such a wimps in contrary of russian ones...

US user, why do your American antifas and lefties are such a wimps in contrary of russian ones? The only things that bunch of hair-colored "progressive" soyboys doing is wearing a cockcage supporting feminism and getting beaten by polizeis. Meanwhile in Russia:
- 17yo anarchist blew himself up with a handicraft explosive device in a Federal Security Service office in Arkhangelsk (31.10.2018). Russian Federation Federal Security Service is known for torturing innocents and passing false sentences. He had left hist manifesto as a deferred message in social media and messengers.
- "Hapoднaя Caмooбopoнa" ("Peoples' Self-Defense") anarchist organization constantly fights against house raiders, unscrupulous employers and bank collectors getting pursued by police and Federal Security Service
and so on. Other activities such as constant agitation and street cameras smashing even haven't been listed here.

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Remembered another one event - a group of "Peoples' Self-Defense" set fire to the one of the representative offices of the ruling party.

In the US, antifa is basically a corporate fashion trend that a handful of mentally ill individuals use as an excuse to commit violent acts and not have to explain being a 20-something yr old NEET or a 30-something yr old "professor" trying to get in his students pants.

Doesn't you have some real antifa & anti-state factions doing real things?

antifa is just a group of retarded individuals who are too lazy to get a job
i know this from experience

because american and russian politics are different. leaning left in russia is closer to right in america than left.
you're comparing the extreme left to more than likely a {in american politics} right wing party from another country.
antifa goes too extreme which results in making their members pussies that are too scared to do anything.

Its hard to be Antifa in the US because every organization that supports them are the actual fascists. They just end up looking stupid no matter which way you look at it.

I love my cockcage, don't shame me.

Sad to hear that. Such a perverted thing, lol.
Get it off, grab your sawed-off Mosin rifle, fight bolsheviks and every kind of state except the one ruled by people.

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It's hard to be anti fascists when there aren't any real fascists in power. It just makes you look silly and your organisation is a joke that attracts silly people.

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Remember comrade, fascists killed 25 million of your countrymen. You should support killing fascists where ever they crawl out from under a rock. Like stepping on a cockroach.


Because in russia, they actually had something to fight against.
Here, they don't.

and REEE'ing at trump (/supporters) isn't fighting against anything.

Russian contemporary anarchy music here. Mongol Shuudan (the name in Mongolian and totaly meaningless - translates as Mongolian Post, lol)
Mongol Shuudan - Anarchy Battalion

The band itself mostly praises ideas of anarchy and freedom, exploiting aesthetic of Nestor's Makhno Black Army and peasant militia's.


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