What's the most effective dog baits to silence my neighbours incessantly yappy dog?

What's the most effective dog baits to silence my neighbours incessantly yappy dog?

>Spoken reasonably to neighbour numerous times
>Don't hate the neighbour.. hate his dog
>Wouldn't mind if it had a proper fucking bark

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Bump for info you glorious fuckers

Let's talk
my xbox gamer tag is (DBIGWORM)

Does the dog bark during the day or night?

bump for secret pitbull killing techniques

Dont kill the dog user. Quit being a fuckin pussy and get mad at your neighbor if you have too. I have a barking fucking dog right outside my window thats annoying as fuck that I want to put down. I dont though and instead i get the neighbor to bring their dog inside

What secret? Go buy rat poison, put in sausages, feed to dog. In two days or less dog is dead.

Use cash and go to some small store without cameras if you can, and in the next town or two. If they can prove it's you it won't end well. So dress different. Park across the street and walk to the store. Wear a big hat and glasses. Etc. And throw away the poison's box at some other place than your house. Like a dumpster around the corner. Don't be a dummy.

what’s the shelf life of rat poison? I’m willing to sit on it for a few years

Also thanks for the tip, pitbulls are a fucking cancer that needs to be wiped out

Lol. Just feed it a couple packs of bologna. It'll eat it all like a retard and be sick as fuck and possibly die, if not at least it shuts it up for awhile.

Step 1

Step 2
>The world becomes a better place

You're a fucking idiot. Anyone who talks shit about pitbulls this and pitbulls that is instantly written off as anything close to intelligent life. You should all be locked in a damp basement and chained up and slowly tortured to death over the course of no less than 30 years. Just keep you on the brink of death as long as possible.

Why would bologna kill a dog if it doesn't kill you? You ok user?

No idea shelf life. Like several years I'm sure. But what kind of waiting do you do if there's an issue today? Just mix it in some ground meet and done. Two or thee packs is usually enough to kill any medium dog and it's not traceable. Worst case they will think the dog ate a rat which ate the poison, especially if it stays outside a lot. The stays in the host animal and can be passed from animal to animal.

Just beat the shit out of your neighbors, its not the fucking dogs fault.
And trust me, i got one annoying ass dog right across the street. I see where you are coming from.

You also ok user? Pitbulls are the worst bread there is. They are the nigs of dogs for the most part. Useless for everything but dealing with bulls in a pit. Like clamping on and holding them down while you rope them. They aren't a good family dog anymore than jack russels are. Get a fucking lab and don't be a nigger.

Well, I don't eat 3 packs of bologna in one sitting, but a dumbass dog will. Death isn't certain or even highly probable but it'd definitely make it sick and STFU for awhile. On a side not my great grandpa used to feed bologna with the red rind on it to the dog and laugh when he pooped it out undigested. Shit was hilarious.

well if you kill your self world will be better place

That's called assault, and there are people who don't like that. We call those people the police. And assault will get you jail to at the very least. And if you actually hurt the guy, then you could also be forced to move and lose your house. You also ok user or just some kid who knows nothing about life?

You're a fucking moron. Pitbulls are the sweetest and most amazing family dogs. They protect children like their own. The reason some pitbulls act like niggers is because they're raised by dumb niggers. Monkey see, monkey do.

Get dog toffee. It's not actual toffee, but it behaves like it. It's a semi-hard mixture of meat, cartelage, bone and fat and some other stuff. Once get chewing, it will take ages to finish it.

No they're not, asshole

Doing fine dude, thanks for asking.
At least i dont go on /b do ask folks how best poison a dog. Just saying

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fuck it in the ass

Different annon, but can't lie. Pitbulls look fucking ugly.

Just try to be a man..?
I mean, try not to be such a coward and front the humans responsible.

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>sweetest and most amazing family dogs
Sorry, you're thinking of labs I'm afraid. Let me guess, gray hounds also amazing family dogs too? You feeling ok?

Kys. People like you are the reason aliens don't ever contact us.

user asked. I helped. You're first time on this place newfag?

So does your mom but I still fuck her anyway

Okay dude

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pitbulls attack children and old people, they are a dangerous breed that should he exterminated. If you defend them you should also join them lol

You’re a dumb fuck

kill yourself

>defends aggressive dog breed
>talks about torturing people to death over not liking a dangerous dog breed

Fucking hell mate, you couldn't make it easier if you tried. Are you merely pretending to be retarded, or is this really your mental white noise?

Have you considered killing yourself? That way your neighbour won't need to live next to a little bitch.

Throw him a square of dark chocolate, if it's a small dog, it'll be quick, if it's a bigger dog, throw him a few more

Nah. I've been around pitbulls my whole life. They're the best dogs. Treat them right and they treat you right. The only bad ones from from nigger households. They're smart as fuck and imitate their owners much like children do. That's why nigglets are garbage too. This isn't rocket science. I'm sorry you're too goddamned retarded to even think for yourself.

If they attack children and old people it's because they've seen their owners do the same. You can't treat a dog like shit and expect it to just be fine with it. All dogs are capable of fucking you up. Go fuck yourself faggot.

Chocolate doesn't affect most dogs. And it would need to eat a LOT of it. AND on top of all that, it doesn't usually kill a dog. It fucks with their brain at best.

All good dogs with some brain capacity (like larger breeds, not some stupid chiuaua) will protect their family and territory. That's what dogs are for. If it doesn't do that, it's a useless waste of dog chow and should be either donated to some seniors who for some reason enjoy the company of braindead dogs or just put down.
Pitbulls are nothing special in terms of their good side, but they are certainly special about their bad side. Stupid pitfighter breed, should not be continued.

>even think for yourself
get's told what to think by user. mmmkay

They're not aggressive. You're just a big pussy. Any dog can be aggressive and pits are no different than any other breed. Shitty nigger owners are the issue not the dog.

see >>

i hate fagots like u with no respect for anything get fucked

I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.

You should be castrated with a plastic spoon.

Poinsettia plants or chocolate will fuck a dog up. Both cheap and you can get them anywhere.

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Eat my 3 week unwashed hairy sweaty stank asshole

Like I said. Someone who defends aggressive dog breed by violent comments just proves my point. Grow a third brain cell some day, you might even get this whole idea.

no u

Doesn't stop

Your face.



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If you want to avoid murdering the yappy shit, you can train it with a dog whistle. The neighbours can't hear it, and dogs fucking hate the sound.

Every time he starts yapping, punish him by blasting the whistle.

damn, this belonged to this retard

kys op

the dogs is not the problem, his owner is
if you have to use rat poison use it to poisono the owner

killing a dog just because he was not raised properly is unnecessary and dumb

>hurr durr but ma sleep 'n' freedom 'n' you just a pussy for not killing animals

damn you are an idiot for even considering killing a dog over barking

fight the cancer not the symptoms

yeah, rat poison, ground meat, 2 days tops and issue solved. go heavy for the first few dosses to be safe. and follow up as long as the dog is outside. throw out of the window so they can't see where it came from.

That's a good idea actually. That shit sounds like nails on a blackboard to them. Highest frequency they can pick up and it's super loud.

>agressive breed
my ass

if you raise them right they are loving / caring and will protect you with their life and not at all annoying

let the owner pay not the dog ...


>if you raise them right
People can't even park their cars correctly. And you expect them to give a shit about an animal and actually learn how things in life work? The game is on TV. I'll do it tomorrow.

You are exactly the kind of person that would own a pitbull and exactly why they turn out to be such faggot dogs, it's because of cunts like you. KYS or give me your address and i'll do it myself

I'm out.

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Last home I owned I had a neighbour behind that had useless, yappy rat-dogs, a neighbour to one side with the same, and a neighbour to the other side with two well trained dogs. We both couldn't stand the noise from the other dogs, so we both decided to get whistles. His dogs were usually indoors so suffered very little collateral damage from the training. With the two of us whistling every time those fucking noisebags started acting up (at least hourly) it took about two weeks to get them to near silence. The point where they learned was quite obvious too. One day one of the dogs would start up, which usually resulted in every other fucker yapping for a good half hour, but that just didn't happen. The yapping wasn't responded to much, and died down in moments.

If you like your neighbour enough to not want to kill his dog: get a dog whistle. Also killing dogs is a dick move.

If you raise them right they are loving and caring, until they are not. This bitch of a breed gets triggered by fast movements and has literal fucking beartrap for jaw muscles. Your "furbaby" is a deadly weapon, armed and ready and it won't give a shit about your cuddles when it mangles a kid or someone's dog.

Ivan Ivanovic
Holzweg 96
69420 Berlin

My pitbulls are highly trained and obedient. They're very sweet and loving.

As much as i hate dogs i think you should just tell your neighbour that you'll call the police if they don't make this dog stop, and if they don't, a lovely group of policepeople will do the work for you.
Don't risk prison for that shit it's not worth

You must be a gun control advocate

they act like niggers because they’re literally raised by violent niggers. Pitbull raised around babies in white families never attack old people and kids.

Well Dogs are still animals, duh.

But don't you understand the concept of training?
If done right, your dog will do nothing without you saying something.

Yeah, you keep saying this. And youtube still had tons of videos saying the opposite. So... that's a thing.


Good for you. But even a broken clock shows the right time two times a day.
The breed was bred for dog fights and generally as a weapon. I see you need to feel super secure about your dog breed choice, so you picked the equivalent of .50cal desert eagle for concealed carry or any other small dick metaphore you can think off, but trust me that everyone around you sees right through that. Give your niggerdog a good life, try to not let it kill someone or something and buy a german shepherd next time. They are as loyal and intelligent, minus the unpredictable aggression, unless abused or neglected.

If it's on YouTube it must be true hurrdurr

> implying youtube is a reliable source for information

>buy a german shepherd

German shepherds are literally retarded. My uncle has one and it's the most useless dog I've ever seen. Pits aren't bred to fight, maybe for useless dumbass niggers, they're bred to protect. When not giving commands they are the sweetest fucking dogs on the planet, but if I tell it to fuck you up, it will. I don't see what's so wrong with that.

Call the cops, you fucking tool.

If you kill the dog your neighbors will know you did it.

Have done numerous times

>Don't hate the neighbour.. hate his dog
OP confimed as a neckbeard faggot.
"Hurrrr the dog bark bad durr".
Buy some rat poison, drink it yourself, and bounce on that dragon dildo you love so much while thinking about that one uncle who molested you when you were 5.
Pic related, It's OP

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>German shepherds are literally retarded

source or gtfo

Nope. Guns belong to the owners. Dogs are not guns, so take that pathetic strawman and shove it right up your faggot asshole.

Don't you understand the concept of unconditioned response? The dog sees something that irritates it by it's nature, so it attacks it. They can be as much trained as you want, but the killer instinct is hardwired to their tiny brain. Attacking pitbull won't let go until you claw it's eyes out. They were bred to have insanely powerful jaw muscles, which sort of cramp when they bite down during an attack. You cannot pry it open with your hands. You fucking niggerdog advocates are on the same tier of delusion as antivaxxers. Just plain refusal to see the issue.

Here's some of those loving sweet dogs being the good bois they always are. And these are those white family dogs you reference.



This one is the funniest one.



If you need more let me know. Or you know.. youtube and just search pittbull and attack. Over 10k hits just so you know. But yeah, good option for a pet.

Will give it a go. Happy to try anything

Dogs belong to the owners. Are you literally this fucking retarded? Holy fucking shit.

Yes they are, fuck all these aggressive did that can actually hurt you. I can beat the piss out of a Labrador, but a pit, rot, boxer, or German Shepard would fuck me up.

I hear master bait is the most effective solution. Lotion up those hands and wank that pooch to completion.

Cheers for the tips. I can't dodge the cameras unfortunately but I can do a drop at night

why not just google it faggot?

>but if I tell it to fuck you up, it will
Well thanks for proving my point again. I see you're as braindead as the dogbreed you defend. If you really feel like owning a weapon would increase your dick lenght, please get a gun. Gun is at least 100% in your control, unlike your dog's trigger to it's killer instinct.


You say like most people are smart...kys

This is a good way to have your neighbor murder you and get reduced time with a not criminally responsible verdict because you pushed him over the edge by killing his dog. Enjoy death.

Cry baby cry. You can spin any initiative in your favor today. If I wanted to bad enough I could show evidence that niggers are the greatest thing to Grace this Earth. You and I both know that's a fucking lie so just shut the fuck up.

It's a lap dog that spends its life outside barking at the leaves moving on a small tree they have in their yard.
Will consider the dog whistle. I have a border collie so will see how he reacts to it first

Bitch ass retard I was adressing your stupid attempt to shift the argument to gun control from your braindead dogbreed. You honestly deserve what's coming for you after your retard of a dog brutalizes someone's kid - which is statistically probable with keeping a killer breed.

Seriously. Big guns, loud cars and badass dogs. All the symptoms of insecure dicklet. Just know that everyone around you knows.

buy a dog silencer

Implying owners that get the most murderous dog are smart...

I see it as 2 birds 1 stone.
>Engaged owner multiple times. Wasn't aggressive or a cunt.. just asked to work something out.

Solution; dog is quiet, owner learns a lesson.
Dog is passed its use by date anyway.

You are a little addicted to dicks, user


You're fucking dumb. My uncle's Shepard wouldn't touch a fly. Scared of absolutely everything. All it does is bark and run away like a pussy. Most worthless dog I've ever been around. My grandma's Chihuahua has a better chance at defending my house.