I have alot of Tito's in me and im going to kill myself with a .38 revolver tonight AMA

I have alot of Tito's in me and im going to kill myself with a .38 revolver tonight AMA

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Play Russia rullete

Play russian roulette

Stop looking for attention and just kill yourself no one wants to ask you questions

Stream it for us

Whats Titos?

Some gay mexican, they use the code word vodka

You have no valid input so there's no need to ask anything.
Quit attention whoring and get it done with already.
In the mouth, aim up and back.

Good now the thread can die

Make sure to place some plastic film on the floor and walls to make the clean up easier.

what do you know that's causing this?

Don't suppose you're willing to put yourself in massive debt to send out a bunch of money to some of us before you do it

The there's an hour old, faggot
Ffs what are you doing?

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Don't do it.

Sorry red leader I wasn't paying attention I forget Sup Forums is slow this time on night when I saw the thread I assumed it wasnt as old have a pic of my wife as an apology

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Take yourself to the ER dude. I know no shit but suicide isn't something you can undo and if you get your mental issues fixed you'll see your current mental state as "wtf was wrong with me". Get help.

what make and model? i have a thing for wheelguns.

Don't listen to them, just fucking kys


Seriously, go to the ER. Now.

Well then...ok then.
How about this:
DO NOT kys.
Be a proper faggot and stay here, then go your daily shit when it's time to do that, eat when it's time to eat, shit when it's time to shit, spend your other time on b or pol or k or out...and treat those suicidal thoughts like the evil shits they are.

Would you like me to post pictures in your thread? Would that help?

Eat a dick sandwich losers

Also, thanks for the ass pic bro. Solid.

Dude saint gonna kill himself, he's fucking attention whoring and you s re feeding into it, how dense are you fucknuts

How dense are my fucknuts?
>Pretty fucking dense bro

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They wo t help you like the warm embrace of putting the gun in your mouth, squeezing the trigger and then dreaming the most pleasant dreams for all eternity

Damn. That's a lot of nut

You would know, right? It's surprising how many people on Sup Forums are psychic, telepathic, or clairvoyant. It's amazing, really.

Faggot. Who cares if it's fake? What if it isn't?
If it is fake and this retard IS an attention whore, then it'll be gone in due time, anyways.

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Yeh well when someone questions the density of my nuts...well you know

Trust me, I'm infatuated with nothing more than the idea of feeling the loving embrace of death enveloping me.

It's painful. Don't kid yourself. A .38 might not even kill you.

Another telepath. Thank you for telling me. I'm not even op, i wouldn't use something as inconsistent as a gun.

.38 pic and timestamp please fergert

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Yeah, use a .45 at minimum. Don't aim at the temple or in mouth either. Point that shit at the top of your head or middle of forehead.

They have a cream out there to help you with your butthurt

lul. Link me, I've enough butthurt for the whole world.


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Firstly, don't. Don't even talk like that.
Secondly, are you lucky enough to have, know and love your mother? Can you see how bad that would be? Same question change Mother with Father.
Tertiarily, are you lucky enough to have siblings? Or children. They have to live. Are you taking away from them if you do it? Are you truly so selfish?
Quaternarily, does she sew?

Does your mother sew?

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GL its a .38 so I hope you angle that bitch wrong being drunk and all. Youll just live out your days with terrible brain damage. enjoy!

What has led you to this point bro?

Nah. My dad left on my first birthday and my mom is a complete degenerate. Literally one of the shittiest people on this planet. My mom doesn't see. She doesn't do shit but suck my grandpa dry and let complete worthless scum shack up with her. She doesn't work, her boyfriends never work. They just do drugs and drink constantly and live in a nigger shithouse.

OP's busy. Imma post dicks and random shite

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Nice dubs

Thx bro, i made them myself

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Lulz. You almost got trips. Shame.

OP, rock the life thing bro.
It can suck, some of my life has also sucked, but it is also the thing. You know?

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Mein neger

Try DMT first, why not

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fuck off back to r/linux trenda

Nice dubs
Also thanks for the response. Folks at four Chan are way more responsive than tumblr.

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Don't do it. get your shit together and quit drinking.

Don't do it

Psychiatric nurse here, want to talk about it OP?

You should join OP and fucking kill yourself too you fucking stupid Tumblr dyke

Go out in glory, get on the fucking news OP