Celeb Bread Go Bed or Else Edition

Celeb Bread Go Bed or Else Edition

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But I need to get out of bed

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It warm and comfy in here :3

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Cutest feets

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Because u dere
Feet r gross >:o

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Jordyn Jones posters arise

Euhm no!

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Now I'm out of it

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I am so old, I need a nap.


Duke Zuur


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U r going 2 jail

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Is it qt jail?

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Cami is hot but her arms look way too short here

Feet are best

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No it's a private prison. You, like many others, will be exploited for slave labor. Afterwards you will be disenfranchised and it is unlikely you will reintegrate to society, in fact you will likely end up back in prison to be further exploited. :>

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Then u r feet :>

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your silly

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Can't look at butt if you use the wrong you're

Don't you mean jewT?

carly is too pure for this board


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3 meals and a shower a day could be worse :>

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Kris10 friends ?

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who's gonna post cute moufs with you when I'm gone ;_;

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i wanted to see her when she came to pitchfork chicago 2015
ive never fapped to her, she's too pure ahh get here off here

at last

I'll just stop posting for like 2 years again
^. ^

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I wanna do bad things to you slide on through my window

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How come?

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No mouf

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don't make me start o.o
the closest ive ever thought of her in a lewd way was when someone posted a pic of her showing her butt behind thw scenes of a music video on Sup Forums but i only fapped to the mental image of it THAT'S IT

This thumbnail always makes me think it's a weird shop, that box behind her makes her head look like a shitty cut and paste

I mean why did you leave before kek

Nice to have you back regardless :3

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Oh with you I got to get bolder

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Have I mentioned I really really like this image?

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Hi Kris10, you're beautiful will you be my spacemarine gf ?

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This is an unhealthy coping mechanism for depression and it was a good two years :>>

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it's not her best but it's still cute

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Have you ever looked at her mouf :3

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I hope being back doesn't mean things are bad again :c

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Good one :>

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yes, it's very cute and not lewd

If you keep posting that tight ass and chest, you'll have my attention

It no matter

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It is very warm and comfy hehehe :o

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Hello friends,
wishing you all the very best of days, know that I love talking to you all, and I am always available for a one-on-one chat.

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i bet her butt is too...
that's as lewd as ill get for her

ok den
cute tongue

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Hi JJ, I think you're pretty will you sit on my face ?

sounds fun

Step on my face please
Thanks in advance

No no no we are just starting :>

I'm in your head now, I'm every second now
Is your love going?

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while your pic did make it go up, i WON'T do it

Review brah!!

U don't like Carly :

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i love her, she made the pop album of the decade
but i think she's too cute to beat it for... I think

Will you drool in my mouth princess JJ ?

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No its okay if you don't like her :

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hoe could i prove i like her?

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Gee Kristen you're wearing those pants really low

>that pic
okay, fine, it's being stroked for her
i didn't know it looked so nice...

Good boy

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Oh, Jordyn.

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Is Jordyn same as jj

Imagine the smell


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she's so cute
if this is the only way of showing i love her, i guess ill keep going, though im not going to last long

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I wonder how that tongue would feel :o

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god i bet she's good at blowing and would even swallow all of it
does she like knowing her fans play with themselves and fantasize for her?

Or her lips

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She loves knowing about all the good boys throbbing for her.

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Oh god JJ, i wanna kiss you so bad. Bet she tastes like strawberries and bubblegum

Imagine holding her little hand. ; - ;

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Are these the same

*kiss* *snifffff*

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That bum is made for worship

everything about her is perfect, am i doing a good job for her?
i think im going to cum for her, if she would like that...

You know she would :> be a good boy

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