How do I tell my friend his girl is a hoe?

How do I tell my friend his girl is a hoe?

he has a new girl he's been seeing for 3 months who i've met a few times. Last weekend I was drinking at his place and in no position to drive home.

He passed out and I decided to hit the hay as well. I went to the guest room and a few minutes later the door opened and she walked in. She told me she saw how I looked at her and all this nonsense blah blah blah. She was drunk and horny and so was I and she took advantage of me.

I made a bad decision that I immediately regretted the next morning.

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Just get him into cuck porn he'll thank you.

this is my friend i've known since I was 6 years old and we're both in our late 20s now. I need to come up with a way so its not my fault that his girl did stuff with me

you are a really good friend to him if a 20+ years relationship isnt more worth than a drunk slut.

you should kys

I can't tell him but the guilt is eating away at me... rip

There isn't a way for you to make it not your fault. It happened and it's up to him whether or not he would feel you were taken advantage of.


Option 1: Say nothing, maybe fuck this girl again.

Option 2: Say anything, inevitably incriminate yourself, lose friend, lose girl, possibly see them stay together.

What’s your best case scenario, user? At the very least you will lose this friend forever if you speak.

I was really drunk, but then again, so was she. I honestly can't prove anything. He went to bed and me and her were still up. I went to go to bed about 10 minutes after him and that's when it all went down

I feel guilty though

come clean to your buddy
bros before hoes

yeah but what if he doesn't believe me?

There's only one option and you should do it asap. Don't let the issue cool down. Just tell him everything and apologize. If you were drunk and falling asleep, that means you were in the lowest point of your cognitive ability during the intoxication. She took advantage of you, she's a whore and he's your friend. Don't let him get cucked by a thot.

take this to the grave. Youre guilty now but you can get over it, it sounds like youre already rationalizing it quite nicely. Just go on with your life and hope it goes away forever. You can always call her a lying bitch if you have to

I literally cant prove anything though it'd just be my word against hers.

Just man up and hope he's as much of a bro to you as you are to him. Like said: Bros before hoes.

But then again you know the guy, you should know how he'll react.

yeah well he's a pretty big hot head and he got arrested for beating up his ex girlfriend several years ago..

Otherwise it will keep bugging you forever that your friends whore of a gf took advantage of you and you were too much of a beta to come out with what happened. If not for your own conscience, do it for the friedn. Personally I would be pissed if I found out other than you telling me (if I was in his place)

you're both at fault
you're already a piece of shit for doing it, so now you have to decide if you want to be a bigger piece of shit or be honest

Just put it together in your head, rehearse it in your mind and make sure you don't word it so that there's any doubt about you being taken advantage of. She a whore - you a drunk rape victim, grab some popcorn and watch how he dusts her nose if he's that kind of a hothead.

hey I was in your position and ruined a friendship and he is now married to her and has a kid
tbh tho he is a faggot

yeah that'll make me feel a lot better.. knowing I caused her to get beaten up and him to get arrested...

nah if he's the kind of retard that abuses his gfs then he isnt going to subscribe to concepts like male rape victims. This would be the end of the friendship and possibly dangerous for OP depending on how much this dude loves his gf

Well you did a shitty thing, but it wasn't 100% your fault. Trying to hide it will result only in some unwanted discovery some time later, by then you'll be even more fucked since you kept it secret and you cannot even argue about it not being your fault. Like w/e, you do you m8. I would come out with it, just so I can have clear conscience. Last thing one needs in this time and age is another guilt bearing down on the person.

I want to tell him but he has a bit of history for domestic abuse and I don't think another arrest will go so well for him.

You're a shit friend

It was your fault. You fucked up. Own it.

what's there to believe? You dogged your mate.

Both of you fuck her at the same time now. That's what she wants

I agree with this man

love the way you framed it "how do I tell my friend his girl is a hoe"
it would be easy if you werent also a shitty friend
you suck

Ok if he's your friend you shouldn't be thinking about fucking her again. Period. Don't listen to this asshole. Come clean.

I just talked about it with her and she said it was a drunken mistake and that she is never gonna tell anyone... what should I do?

Seriously, you were too drunk to remember. Leave it at that.

You want to tell him so YOU don't feel guilty. It's ultimately selfish and won't fix anything.

Even if you hadn't already become involved directly, warning him about her being a slut often just backfires and turns them against you. Let people break up on their own, if she really is bad for him, he'll see eventually.

Telling him isn't going to make you feel any less bad, and it's just going to cause him, her and you A LOT more pain. She'll also accuse you of either lying or raping her if he aggressively tries to confront her, as it's the easiest way to stop her getting a beating.

Don't drop 'hints' to warn him, don't acknowledge any weird looks or comments from her. Just forget it happened if you don't want to fuck her again.

Get drunk. :^)

keep your mouth shut and box away that guilt. Dont destroy your friend by telling him

sociopath logic

Post her facebook, we'll do the rest :)

>him about her being a slut often just backfires and turns them against you. Let people break up on their own, if she really is bad for him, he'll see eventually.
>Telling him isn't going to make you feel any less bad, and it's just going to cause him, her and you A LOT more pain. She'll also accuse you of either lying or raping her if he aggressively tries to confront her, as it's the easiest way to stop her getting a beating.

You think she won't rat him out as one of them men she slept with if she's ever caught? Come on dude you obviously don't know women very well.

Apologies aren't about acceptance. They aren't about getting the best outcome. It's about admitting your faults and it's not selfish to do. It's more selfish to continue to let your friend be with a whore who will hurt him worse later on. If you care about him as a friend just tell him. If you don't and want him to have worse heartbreak later on don't.

You should kill yourself you piece of shit. You are not a friend at all if you do shit like that.

just fucking tell him
Just think about it
One day, he will find out one way or another. If you hide it until then there will be no excuse for you. In his mind, you will appear as you wanted to do hide it in order to do it again
also, you will think about this every time you will spend time with him. It won't be comfortable, trust me

Maybe they should kill that lying and cheating slut???

I honestly barely even remember anything. I don't even know if I came or not. I know we did something though.

ask your friend if he wants to join in next time, you could tag team her and rub weiners

This is gonna be your boss music when she tells your friend right when you walk in some day.

Just make it even and have sex with him too. Let him top you and all will be ok. Maybe he'll get rid of the hoe too kek.

easy excuse :

>at least I'm not a nigger

heres what you do. You have to create a deep understanding with her over this, even bond over it. Tell her that while you dont regret what you did with her, it just cant happen again because you love your friend so much and you cherish his friendship. Make it some sort of dramatic situation in her mind, and make sure that she knows how much your friendship with Mr. Cuck means to you. You just have to make her feel like what you guys did was not a mistake and a betrayal, it was a disney movie. And she will play her part as the princess caught between her princes

>have to create a deep understanding with her over this, even bond over it. Tell her that while

You're actual fucking filth. Bros before hoes, always. If she cheated on him what makes you think she won't do it again? Some of yall are dumb asses.

Addition: Once a hoe always a hoe

> best friend for 14 years
> fucks his gf

Shes a slut but it takes 2 to tango retard. This man larps about being good friends while fucking the guys partner. If he was really too drunk he wouldnt have been able to get it up, just a pathetic excu3from a pathetic person. He should tell his friend so he can cut them both out of his life.

this is real politik, im just trying to get my bro the best possible outcome here

Yeah I had this when I was in my early 20s. My best friend's girl came on to me when he was at work. He's my best friend so I said no, even though she was hot and down to fuck.
I never told him though, I figured "what's the point". Maybe she was just having done enjoying difficulties or whatever. They broke up a year later anyway.
Funnily enough though, the year after, he and i spit roasted my fiance (now wife), and that did ruin our friendship after all...

*having some emotional difficulties

you are clueless..

forbidden pussy is the best kind and leads to the longest most fulfilling marriages


Whatever you say virgin. When you get divorce raped by a Stacy and got no bros to have your back it'll be your own fault dumb ass.

Sometimes a hard fucking is required to break those bonds and chains and experience life.

Sometimes people should gas themselves. If your'e fine fucking a friend of 20 something years partner you are a psychopath.

How did the spit roast ruin the friendship, user?

Who hurt you?

>Fucking this

user you're for real a fucked up degenerate who needs to get gassed.

And this fucking trips prove it

You fucked your friend's gf dude. You can try to spin it any way you want but don't act like she's more at fault than you. They've been dating for 3 months, that barely means anything as far as relationships go. He accidentally picked a hoe, it happens. You, however, knowingly fucked your mate's gf. I've had drunk sex on a few occasions, and if you're too drunk to resist, you're too drunk to fuck. You made the decision, and you gotta own up. You're a terrible friend and you should come clean as soon as possible.

It's her fault. She initiated it. You are forgetting the purpose of women. If his old buddy can't see past a lying slut to save their friendship then he is just as bad a friend.

You fucked up. I would never do that to a friend no matter how drunk I am.

Ok but if a guy can't stop himself from pushing a bitch off her he's either really drunk of zipped his pants down and did it. If he zipped his pants down and did it it's both their faults. Period. If you can't have self control around your friends girl you're a bad friend.

My fiance felt awkward around him. So did i, tbh.
We ended up just avoiding him, which caused jealousy issues from him, and it all snowballed from there

can't stop himself and push a bitch

Ouch. Did he come inside her?

I wish my gf was a slut like her. Once, I tried to write on her tits cum whore and she slapped me really hard and told me to fuck off lol

It's her fault tho seriously. Woman love to be in control and use sex as a weapon to gain that control. She's a cheating bitch and a homewrecker. Now she has the control and doesn't care what friendship she breaks up as long as she gets what she wants.

This, even passed ouț i would still manage to refuse

Your friends talk about you flirting with their partners behined your back just so you know. Defending his actions are retarded.

No you faggot, BROS BEFORE HOES, kill yourself please i feel sorry for your friends if all it takes is some booze and all of a sudden a friendship of 20 years means hey fuck my gf.

I never said she wasnt to blame as well but more responsibility rests with him, unless i see a date rape drug report he should apologize then jump off a bridge for being a shitty person who would rather spin the story to make him look good then be honest.

alright hes a shitty person. So what though? we got one life to live, might as well get it while you can

Who cares? Their partners rub themselves thinking about my cum dripping out of their slutty holes, after saying "I have a headache, can we just cuddle before sleeping again honey?"

I can be the fault of both. She's the one who iniated it but a girl's pussy isn't fucking heroin and we aren't drugs addict. The guy is even worse than the girl really. She betrayed a new partner while he betrayed a 20 years old friend.

Actually a good video

God you fucking sociopath. No that will only deepen his fucking hole worse and worse. If he cares about his friend he wouldn't You're the type of guy who's gonna get caught cheating and get his ass kicked.

Exactly Bros Before Hoes. Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks. He should tell his friend and they just need to get over it. A slut is a slut is a slut. If you want to call off a friendship of over 20 years because he fucked "his" slut, then that is more fucked up than fucking that stupid little tramp.

Imagine listening to advice from a coomer like you. The one life rule is not an excuse to be a piece of shit.

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Yeah, we got one life to live. The same is true for his friend and making him experience the betrayal of a 20 years old friend is just horrible. It was just a quick fuck, not a life changing thing. Really not worth it. It's fucked up.

I was pretty drunk and half asleep. I don't even know what we did exactly cause of that.

Dude if your friends with someone for 20 years and they fuck your girl the first chanve they get the fuck is the point to keep them around ? To fuck your other girls . . . What a waste. Notice he says she took advantage of him yet hur both of them were drunk and shes the bad one not him. Fuck a friend who cant even realise how much he fucked up or take responsibility for it.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt then. I'm not the kind of guy who lost that much control when he's drunk, never had a blackout in my life. But I know some people are more affected than others.

I thought the rule was come off like a good person to everyone else, not actually be a good person. Thats my philosophy anyway

They need to move out anyway. Pushing 30 living with another man is kinda gay anyway. They need to get their own places and shit like this wouldn't be orchestrated to happen.

Your just a shitty coomer. You care for nothing and no one but your next nut.

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Yep a walking fucking piece of shit. Dude, kill yourself. I hope everyone around you realizes your a fuck up and beats your ass into the dirt.

Never mind OP stayed the night. OPs at fault.

hehehe i know i am, it doesnt really bother me

Nigger they dont live together it was in his own house. Sleeping with your mates partner in his house is fucked. Did you even read it you retard ?

you are garbage dude.. I hope you can own up to that shit.

.If you really were taken advantage of. If you really feel like you were. Then tell him. That makes her even more fucked up. Were you laying down and she took charge? Or did you? Because if she did and you were so drunk you just laid there then ya. She took advantage if that's the case. If you were just drunk you both were fucked. People seem to forget that guys can literally get sucked off in their sleep.

Nigger you aren't a perfect angel either. Now shut the fuck up before something bad happens to you

whatever fuck you guys calling me a piece of shit. I would do it again if I had the chance #NoRemorse

Pfffh. Mister hacker man. Stfu. I wouldn't cheat on someone. I'm not an angel but at least I'm not a fucking manipulating bastard

I was nodding off drunk and my door opened and she walked in. She climbed into bed and started talking to me. I don't really remember much after that