Sex with dogs is better than sex with humans

sex with dogs is better than sex with humans

change my mind

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Sucking human dick is better than sucking dog dick

tits and timestamp or gtfo

Your mom

Post video

Good thing tards can't add their genes to the pool

I mean, that's debateable...although dog dick definitely looks more unappealing if you get up close.

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Is this one of those discord trannies?
I've always kbew they were horrid looking creatures, but never know it could get to that extent.

I love getting fucked by my dog. Way better than sex with a human

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When I was 15 I let my German shepherd pop my cherry...fuck was that amazing.

AMA or just judge me

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I'm out.

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There is nothing creepier than beastiality.

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Whats that supposed to mean?

how about sucking down human shit and being turned on by it?

I did when i was 11 and i literally didnt even know what sex was when I did it.

I have let atleast 6 different dogs fuck my ass. On several occasions.
Kind of an addiction by now

how do you find them?

kys op


First was my neighbors german shep.
Just befriended the dog over a few days and once he trusted me, started getting sexual with him. Playing with his dick, started sucking it. One day just took the plunge and let him mount me. Took alot of work and patience. Also he tried knotting me and I didnt know what was happening so I pulled out and it hurt so fucking much. I just been doing that with neighbourhood dogs. Now I have two dogs that belong to my gf. I let them fuck me almost every night

ok whitney wisconsin

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knot > *

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anyone know any good places now that infinite is ded

Its better than human for sure, but nothing beats sex with a mare

Nothing beats fucking a pig in the ass

lil pig

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The dog didn’t consent.

>dogs don't consent
>dogs who mount and fuck you and knot you aren't consenting

Consent is a human thing. Dogs aren't humans.


>tie woman up face down ass up
>let male dog in room
>dog fucks woman
>arrest woman for raping dog for dog cannot consent

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