So this woman let her dog kill another at my local park and then just fucked off

So this woman let her dog kill another at my local park and then just fucked off.

I need cheering up.

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And she tried to defend herself.

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well if the other dog wasnt on in a lead and hers was, then whos fault is it??

i honestly don't care

Dog eat dog world. Look at all the fucked up shit people do to each other.

I’m sorry. I wish there were something I could say. I dunno.

and of course the murder machine was a pit bull. why am i not surprised?

user, if the other dogs were not on leads, and attacked her dog, then it's pasically a "buck up, get fucked up" situation. No safe spaces in the animal kingdom.
She looks like a "C" in that picture, but if the dog was just defending itself then it's pretty open/shut.

The other dog was off lead and attacked the dog OP posted. The white dog is the one that got fucked up.

Because you're a moron that thinks pitbulls are more dangerous then other dogs.

Only more proof women should not have dogs.

Pitbulls are illegal in Australia, that's just a Staffordshire terrier

It's a civil case of one piece of property damaging another.
If it had bit the owner of the other dog then you have a case.

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But they were literally need to be aggressive and kill just like how you were bred to be a dipcuck

Real story is, a dachshund was off leash and decided to attack a staff. Dachshund got fucked up, but everyone's blaming the bugger dog.

Shame on OP for blaming the victim doggo

Look up the stats you incel retard

The one with the dog on the lead also walked off without giving details. And it's not the first dog hers has killed. Cops are getting involved.

The dog that's killed before, on a leash held by a woman who didn't pull her dog off of a mauled pup, and then fucked off without giving details.

Yeah. We know who the victim is.

Untrue, stop bullshitting.

Bet you say the same shit for niggers too.

One of us lives up the top of Winderemere Bvd, of Maggiore Crescent and was taking a walk and saw the whole thing happen.

The other is a dickhead defending human shit that doesn't know how to train or raise their animal.

Guess which is which.

Smaller dog attacked a bigger dog and lost. Case closed.

if that's what happened, i'm on her side. fucking asscunts not putting leashes on their retard dogs are the worst

Kek giving out their address on b

Whatever you do DO NOT leak her info..............................

Why didnt you help?

>implying something bad would habben

Dickhead posted her phone number above

>not stabbing it in the face while it mauls your little buddy

Were fucked, we wont even defend our pets

>person behaves badly
>it's a nigger

imagine my sides.

based and true

I have a dog, I know how rough she can be when she's just playing around. That staffy was actively trying to maul, and I like having all my fingers.

The little Daschund didn't attack, it ran up and was being friendly.

Call the local PD/Dog catcher an anonymously report the fucking dog ffs.

Dude he’s friendly, I swear he don’t bite

Soo...he was behind of that...

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That's been done - a few times. The area is trash. A dog was stolen from the local vet just a few days ago.

And your go to place to report it is b? If its that bad why not call the council?

I blame you for not reporting it earlier, if you were dillegent you could have saved that doggo.

since when does basic local new warrant a post on b lol

You must be new. The really impressive thing is that it's still up and that anyone replied.

Kick the dog in the fucking nose, are you dumb or just stupid. If that doesn't work kick the dog in the leg. Its a fucking dog, stop being a bitch. People like you shouldnèt have dogs if you arenèt capable of dealing with the harsh reality of them acting like dogs.

Thanks man! Here I thought I would have to burn my money, now I can just give it away!

>won't fight random dogs
>shouldn't own dogs

This is why we don't have slaves anymore.

You're pretty stupid aren't you? Pitbulls are great dogs and are actually very good natured.

>justifies being a coward through green text
>still is a coward despite replying on Sup Forums

Itt coward doesn't stop dog attack but posts on Sup Forums about it

>implying literally 90% of people on the chan aren't cowards irl

>thinks not wanting to fight a random vicious dog is a sign of cowardice, not sanity
>also greenposts on Sup Forums
>we're all shitheads here

i'm gonna kick that faggot pitbull right square in the nuts

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your a faggot dude, fight me irl, ill fuck your gf after and you can lap up the cum you cuck lord ayyylmao

There's a house near the trails I walk my dogs on, their dog sometimes follows me for a quarter mile barking all the way.
When it gets too close my pupper gets on edge and I know she would drop him if he attacked, but you know I'd be the bad guy...
Just because a dog can finish a fight doesn't mean it started it and is at fault.


Cach me ousside howbowda

watch this guys, i'm gonna kick this faggot right square in the nuts

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present them eric

So apparently its a 'on leash' park. The other dog was let off their leash. Bet their owner feels like a dick rn

True. But if you don't stop your dog from mauling the other one to death while it's owner is trying to pull it away and screaming, then fuck off when it's over without exchanging details, you would be the cunt.

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So the owner had the balls to step in but you didn't?

this is considered white in america

Suck his dick Frankie, teach him a lesson

Assuming youre a dude, you didn't feel the need to step in and help the chick who's dog was attacked?

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I heard this cringe all the way from another thread. I ain't even been here lol.
This little nigger can't step. I'm here to remind you that there is always a bigger predator.
I'd be willing to bank on a good portion of these people would hunt you.
Make sure you do a good job covering that fear of being weak, not just physically, with some better posturing.

Not my dog.

>user proceeds to act shocked at a display of apathy

who tf diddled you so hard lol

say that to my face motherfucker not online see what happens

Why do you keep hiding behind greentext lol
You just pussied out, didn't help the dog, and posted your guilt all over b

think you dropped this in the thread you came from

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nigger i will run you over with my v8 and use your welfare check as kindling for the lynch roast i will make out of your unemployed body

Bitch my dildos come out pristine. Why the hell would I disrespect someone by getting shit all over their dick.
Man, you need to learn some fucking manners.


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I hope this lady gets her face torn off by someone else’s pitbull

congrats. you almost made a sentence.

I always found it funny that certain words physically hurt the black folk

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>Anyone on Sup Forums either has a gf, or could fuck somebody else's
Go larp elsewhere

What lucrative job did your post grade 12 English studies job net you exactly?

look how happy the dog is. he did a good job on defending his loyal master from the evil sausage dog.

rip and tear.

Yes, even morons know that pit bulls are the most dangerous breed of dog. Its not a difficult fact to be right about.

You’s a bitch. I bet your dick is tragic.


Nobody blames the doggo. All doggos are good doggos.

But that cunt on the other end of the leash needs a good fucking with a razor blade dildo.

She posted HER OWN phone number, your dumbass.

Shit dude, you're still here? Just go buy a rope and hang out already.

Yes, even people who are pretty stupid know that pitbulls are the most dangerous dog breed. It's not a difficult fact to be right about.

Why do you have to give details? If some unleashed dog attacks mine and dies, then its owner can eat shit. I don't have to tell anyone anything.

man, you're really trying.

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I don't expect anything less from Pakenham

Golden retrievers and Poodles are way more aggressive. The problem lies in the fact most pitbull owners are unemployed coke whores who can't handle their dog.

you dont blame the dog for being a vicious animal. just like you dont blame a crocodile for killing people. it in its nature.

people recognize these breeds of dogs are dangerous because they have dangerous jaws... and they are animals without concept of human logic and rationalizations.

people really need to stop peddling the dog vs owner is to blame garbage. its a stupid question to ask.

Im with based bitch on this, she has good doggy defend owner, on leash, has tags.


good job doggo well done "stand your ground"

Any day you're not harassed by drunks, bogans or gangs of teens is a good day.

There have been no good days.