How do i leave my small town if the universe is out to get me and trap me here...

How do i leave my small town if the universe is out to get me and trap me here? What do i do if I’m on probation for being black? How do i trnasfer it?

>try getting a job
>disaster strikes
>try saving money
>disaster strikes
>literally IMPOSSIBLE to get a job
>20-40 mile drives from ANYTHING
>whipping wind coldest winters in the country for 8 months out of the year
>no public transit no people nothing but part time minimum wage shit
>no happiness
>no friends, no people, no girls, nothing to do, nothing fun
>rest of the world lives in suburbs, cities, tropical paradise, beaches, warm, sun
>dirty brown rivers, 7 hours from anything, mountains of snow, nothing but fields and rednecks, poor people, rusted down broken down shacks, eye sore broken down redneck houses


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just leave bro

God got me perfectly arrested with the worst possible punishment because I almost left

>Stop being black

Freedom came my way one day
And I started out of town
All of a sudden I see sheriff John Brown
Aiming to shoot me down

you, car. Now.

Buy a gun and shoot your way out user. Take a couple shots at God too, that fucker clearly deserves it.

Exactly. God fucked me

God attacks me and alters the universe around me to trap me and make me have the worst life possible

Train hop and become a hobo in Portland til you find a sugar daddy to pound your ass for rent money.

What a cunt, hitchhike out of town with a sign saying 'Going South' to stick it to him. Then write about it to become the new Super Tramp

Have you ever considered that there’s actually a negative entity fucking with you other than God? Sage yourself my nigga.

Yes but I tried being religious and bugging happened or it got worse. Only Logical answer is I’m better than god and he’s jealous and god is the ultimate evil

I think you belong in your town you sound like a nut. You cant leave because your apart of the silent hill cycle.

No god curses me

>ima lazy nigger, too lazy to leave. Help me whitey, your pity will give me strength.

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Niggers = Hate

Thanks for finally admitting it

>20-40 miles from anything
>7 hours from anything

pick one, nigganon

Its a lie buffet, you simply pick the lies you prefer.

That's how niggers perceive all of reality. How else could they see racism around every corner and under every stone?

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i guess its time to an hero, OP. at least youll be remembered here longer than your supposed country ass town would bother. make sure to steam it though

>steam it
I prefer grilled, with a bit of cyan

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You're my so-
> called
cornerstone? :D

what about the dogs? do they bark?

they hollar


Kill yourself.

Being black it's
>literally IMPOSSIBLE to get a job