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Greta thunfischbrot

Gerba therbnera

autistic attention whore, AKA newest jew pawn

Greta Carlsberg

Greta Cheesevagina.

Gunther Furburger

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"My name"

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Ben Shapiro

Gruber schuntzenhiemer

>she wants to go home
>she wants to use the boat
>people have to fly in just to pilot the boat home
>3+ people have to fly so 1 doesn't have to fly
saving the environment, folks.

Muslim Rapeblanket

Little Boy Blue

the seething swede

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*pulls out of the paris climate agreement*
nothing personnel, kid

Meanwhile her folks back home await her return

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She's 16, but only as tall as a 4th grader. Talk about the shallow end of the gene pool

it's like her autism has become physical

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shes a qt and you know it. dont let politics get in the way of gretas cuteness

Looks like somebody tapped the tainted water supply

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>Greta turns to steroids to fight climate change more aggressively

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Queen Greta

If fucking a 4th grader is your thing, then I suppose you have a point.

She can tongue your navel, while you plow the lower 40 and shitpost at the same time.



Yeah, because having sex with a mini "Benny Hill" is a common fantasy

Ivanka Trump