I have serious daddy issues

I have serious daddy issues

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who's your daddy?

tits or gtfo slut no one cares

i will be your daddy, gimme your kik


U can be



Daddy wants to she those tits

Kik me


Make daddy happy and pist those tits for me my little slut



I'll be your daddy, bitch. give me your credentials and say yes sir daddy

Amyissmart kik

I’m looking for a sugar daddy and can send live pic to prove I’m real

I know far more guys with mommie issues than girls with daddy issues.

Pff and you call that daddy issue, if you need fucking money just say it

Send me money then daddy


Everyone pls come to this thread, this is important. Pls don't tell the mods

op is fake and gay

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tits + timestamp or gtfo

Post moar
I don't even know if i want to give you my dick yet why the fuck would i give you my money

Last time I checked "daddy" was the prevalent degenerate sex term. Or maybe all the girls who say that have great loving fathers and no abandonment or self worth issues.

OP’s a whore.
Tits or gtfo

Come to me daddy’s

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Kik? I’ll talk to you.

Reverse image search my dude. This is a catfish. These pics been around for awhile

45yr daddy here
happy to teach you to be a good girl and not a little attention grabbing slut

Damn, thanks bro.

Some nice vids of her suckin dick too

Saged for not even trying beyond grabbing a picture off google images

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